Introducing: Our new look site!

Friends, we are SO excited to share our new, improved and (in our humble opinion!) totally fabulous new website! We’ve been working long and hard to create the very best online experience for you, so that you can enjoy shopping for your favourite Adairs products any way, anywhere, any time! The site has been designed so that whether you’re accessing it from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, you’ll have the best possible experience, optimised for whichever way you choose to shop!

Let us show you around…

1. Exciting new design.
Presentation is so important ­ and it goes without saying that we like to look our best for you, our extremely important customers! We’ve come up with a clean new look that we feel shows our products in their best light... we hope you agree!

2. Easy navigation across all devices.
We want to make sure that you have the same fantastic shopping experience no matter how you access our site, so we’ve created a simple new menu system that’s the same on every device ­and it makes finding what you want so much easier!

3. Style and advice, all in one place.
We love to stay up to date with the latest trends, tips and tricks so we can share them with you! On the new site you’ll find it all in one place so you can keep your finger on the pulse!

4. Easier to find the products you love.
We’ve changed the way we display our products so you can see so much more of them! With larger pics and more per page, you won’t have any trouble finding your faves!

5. Be inspired by our interactive Look Book.
Our interactive Look Book is now optimised for mobile and tablet so you can check out our featured products up close and in living colour ­and see how they could look in your home!!!

6. Easily find the stores near you.
Our handy Store Locator makes it so simple to find your nearest Adairs store ­ and you can now call us from your smartphone with just one tap!


Don’t just take our word for it, ­head to the new website and enjoy it for yourself!


Chris's picture
Great idea. Can't wait.'s picture
Do hope you still have your "did you know tip at the bottom of the page"
Adairs's picture

Hi, we no longer have the "did you know" tips on the bottom of our website these can now all found here on the blog under "Tips and Hints"

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