Our Top 10 Best Sellers That Every Home Needs

Want to see our most popular ranges that shoppers can't get enough of? We've put together a list of our Top 10 Best Sellers across different categories and why we think people love these so much.


1. Villa Quilt Cover

A timeless design with just the right amount of texture, the Villa quilt cover is available in your choice of classic white, soft grey, blush or coal. A stylish yet practical addition to your linen collection.


2. World’s Softest Cotton Sheets

The name says it all and those who’ve tried them agree. Why wouldn’t you want to indulge the world’s softest sheets?


3. Everyday Wool Quilt

Made right here in Australia from Australian wool, this Everyday Wool quilt is a popular choice because it’s suitable all year round.

4. Deluxe Duck Down Pillow

With a sturdy feather core and fluffy down surround, this luxury pillow is the perfect combination of support and comfort.

5. Ultra Soft Blankets

When you see peoples reaction as they run their hand across the surface of these blankets and you’ll see what the fuss is about. They are unbelievably soft and once you’ve touched one, it’s impossible not to want one for your home.


6. Flinders Towels

Year after year the Flinders Towels continue to be top sellers. Is it their superior absorbency and durability? Their extreme softness? Their wide range of colour options? The answer is probably all of the above.


7. Montana Faux Fur Cushions

A fashion forward, super soft cushion that takes on all the characteristic of real fur, there’s a reason the Montana Cushions sell out every winter season.

8. Alpine Throws

There must be something about wrapping yourself in an incredibly soft faux fur throw that is irresistible. The Alpine Furs are also available in blanket size if you’re looking for something a bit bigger.

9. Snowy Birch Canvas

Simple, sophisticated artwork is always what people want for their home, and at 70x120cm this canvas is a great size for most walls.

10. Dome Greenhouse Candle and Diffuser

With a heavenly floral scent and notes of hydrangea, the Dome Home Fragrance range a must have set for the home and a great gift idea for any occasion.


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