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Though some may say that that lace is daggy, old fashioned, and out dated, we disagree - we think that there is a lot to love about lace! 

As we all become more environmentally conscious, we look for ways to recycle items used around the home. Well, we've found you an absolute hum-dinger!!! If you've ever wondered what to do with old bottles and jars, we have a solution for you; re-use them as vases, light shades, decorative pieces or storage vessels!

Dance to the beat of a different drum… the American Indian-inspired Navajo look that’s taken the world by storm!

Adairs is proud to be an Australian success story, having commenced trading in Prahran back in 1918, so we celebrate Australia Day with enthusiasm!



Past pretty pastel shades? Then this is the trend for you! Being sweet and innocent all the time is hard work, particularly when there’s an awesome alternative…

You’ve probably seen examples of the vertical garden walls that are greening up our cities… the good news is, you can have one at home, too!

We’re accustomed to seeing them at weddings, but otherwise you might be forgiven for relegating garlands to children’s daisy chains and Hawaiian leis. But no longer! 



Love all that sparkles and shines? Don’t stop at Christmas! Bright sparks everywhere are on to the sparkle trend, ushering in a star-studded New Year’s Eve with all that glitters.

Get fresh with mint and keep it real with Teal

Trend alert: feature walls


Eye-catching colour, tantalising texture, daring design … feature walls can transform living spaces with minimal effort for maximum impact! But for many, designing a feature wall can be daunting – so here’s how to do it well.


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