Pastel Features

We’re so excited about pastels that this trend makes us feel like kids in a candy store! But while pastels are still soft and sweet, they’re no longer sugary.


Bold, modern designs have catapulted them out of the 1950s and into the contemporary bedroom, applied by Adairs designers in a myriad of different styles, from the exquisitely patterned Sanchia to the delightful Cascade Butterfly quilt cover sets from Mercer + Reid.


Pastels are all grown up in the Phoenix Pastel and Phoenix Lemon cushions, too. Use these sophisticated designs to add a touch of elegance and class to any home.


And for the kids there’s the Peacock Quilt cover set, with pastel pink, blue and soft greys used to good effect highlighting turquoise and floral elements. The overall effect is soft yet strong – perfect for girls of all ages.


This trend is easy to apply at home because these soothing pinks, purples, blues, corals, yellows and greens all mix and match with ease, making it versatile as well as beautiful.


Ahhh, sweet, subtle pastels. How we love this look!

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