Fresh and Fruity

Your kids will be pleased as punch with our Zizi and Fruit Salad ranges! These two new designs are a fresh take on one of this summer’s hottest trends – fruit prints – and the results look good enough to eat.

The fully-reversible Zizi quilt cover set combines fruit print pineapple perfection with another hot favourite, geometrics, both in a bright, playful colour palette of summery aqua, coral and sunshine-yellow tones. Perfect for the tween years and easily matched with cushions and fun Text pillowcases from the Ruckus range, it’s eye-catching, quirky and dripping with juicy cheer!

The Fruit Salad quilt cover set, also fully reversible, is a veritable fruit salad of fruit salad prints, with boldly-coloured watermelons on one side of the quilt cover and and pineapples on the other. The pineapple print makes an appearance on one side of the pillowcases, on the other is a single sweet strawberry. Then there are optional matching pineapple, watermelon and apple cushions to choose from, too.

You may find it hard to get your kids to eat fruit, but no doubt they will love it in this beautiful bed linen from Adairs Kids! 

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