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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the fairest house of all? One which contains plenty of mirrors, ofcourse!

Gone are the days mirrors were just to check your hair and make-up… mirrors are so much more than practical – they’re now widely used as features to add a touch of creativity and glamour to homes everywhere.

Above: Mercer + Reid Rocco Mirror Collection (Available in store only)

Think differently and position mirrors where they’re least expected, such as lining a wall or the sides of an island bench. As well as adding wow factor, this helps to open up a space. Positioning mirrors opposite windows can help bring the outside in.

Above: Mercer + Reid Beaded Mirror Collection (Available in store only)

Mirrors in unexpected shapes, like animals or insects, are fun as well as beautiful. Or positioned en masse, mirrors make a powerful design statement, elegant and stylish.

And you can still check your lippy – just oh so discreetly!

Carolyn's picture
How much is beaded mirror and what are measurements
judy's picture
love the butterfly mirrors
Adairs's picture

Hi Carolyn, The beaded mirror is available in two sizes. First being 120 x 80cm with a RRP of $399.95 the second being 80 x 60cm with a RRP of $299.95. Thanks Adairs 

Julie's picture
Hi - is the beaded mirror (large) still available and at which stores? Also, how much is the Rocco mirror (small)? Thanks.
Adairs's picture

Hi Julie, If you would like to email info@adairs.com.au we will be able to assist you with stock locations. Thanks Adairs 

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