Refresh your bathroom

Top hints: Refresh your bathroom. 

Simple, low-cost ideas to refresh your bathroom

1. New towels = instant bathroom makeover. Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious… a simple towel switch up will result in an immediate bathroom refresh. Keep it simple with our plain dyed towels or add a splash of colour and fun with our geometric or chevron towels like our Home Republic Flinders Chevron, Flinders Aztec or Flinders Archer ranges.  

2. Say it with storage. A simple clean up and reorganisation of your bathroom storage system will actually help transform the whole bathroom – and the way you feel when you enter it (particularly if it is on display). Smart storage options will add a sense of style and elegance.

3. Declutter. Do you really need everything that’s in this room? Throw out anything that’s out of date – medicine, make-up, cleaning products. Do the cleaning products even need to be there – could they go in the laundry instead? Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in the house, and filling them with unnecessary items will make them feel even smaller.

4. That said, do dare to decorate. Bathroom vertical spaces are often crying out for wall art or decoration that can help inject personality and create an uplifting air. And sinktops or shelving may benefit from new and matching bathroom accessories such as soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, etc. Coordinating these items so they all match other elements such as the bin and toilet brush holder will create a sense of cohesion and help revitalise the room.

5. Take care to clean. This may seem obvious, but many of us just quickly wipe over the surfaces when a real scrub is required. Grout in particular will benefit from a really thorough clean (use a specialist product for this and you will be impressed with the overall effect it has on refreshing the whole bathroom). Even giving the walls a good scrub could have them looking like new, no paintbrush required. Our Aroma Clean range not only cleans beautifully, it smells beautiful, too, so your nose can appreciate the bathroom refresh as much as your eyes!



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