Get Ready for Peak Couch Season with Sonia Styling

Winter has arrived and it’s time to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a glass of red wine. It’s also the perfect time for a couch refresh. We chatted with blogger Sonia Styling about her couch refresh, and got a few of her tips to help you get ready for peak couch season.


Tell us a little bit about your living room.

Our living area is part of a large, open plan room. We spend so much time there, chilling out as well as entertaining. The central part of this room is our couch. It’s a big, comfy nook which encourages comfort and conversation and it’s also due for a much needed makeover. Refreshing how you style your couch can change the look and feel of the entire room.

What style have you chosen as inspiration for your makeover?

I opted for a luxe style with a neutral yet slightly feminine colour scheme.

Where do you start when choosing colours and textures?

First, I chose the main neutral I wanted to work with – grey. Our couch is charcoal grey and our rug has shades of grey in it, so it seemed like the natural choice. To complement this, I opted for blush pink with a metallic accent of rose gold and a splash of winter white. I chose an equal balance of grey and pink cushions with a few accent cushions in rose gold. I also selected one cushion to sit in the middle of the couch and act as the anchor to tie all of the colours together. As for textures, I opted for faux fur, knit, linen and metallic finishes to help create a luxe style.

How many different colours should you work with?

I think if you’re working with a few neutrals – say two or three – then you really only need one accent colour to tie it all together. This creates a sophisticated and versatile colour palette that can easily be updated.

Is it important to have a mix of cushion sizes?

Yes, definitely! Having a mix of shapes and sizes creates interest. You can play with levels when grouping the cushions, so that each one is on display. It also means you can change the combinations to create different looks.

How many cushions is too many?

There’s no such thing as too many cushions! In all seriousness, consider the size of your couch. You want a decent amount of cushions, but you also need to balance that out with empty space. You want your guests (and you!) to feel like they can plonk themselves on the couch and grab a cushion or two to help them get comfortable.

Can you give us a rundown on how you styled your throw rugs?

Because our couch is quite large, I opted for three throws. One strewn at the end of the chaise, one in the corner of the couch and one folded up and placed on an ottoman. I think having a few on and around your couch in this way adds texture, layers and interest. It also encourages your guests to grab one if they’re feeling a little chilly. We’re coming into peak couch season, so you may as well make it a cosy place to be!


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