Flower Arranging

Top tips: Flower arranging

Arranging flowers is a joy to some and chore to others… follow our guide and you’ll be arranging flowers like a professional in no time!

Order and colour

Start with the tallest stems, to give stability and structure, then add your star blooms, then position the remaining filler flowers or leaves around them. In terms of colour, try choosing flowers in varying hues of an overall shade, such as pastel, or try picking a ‘star’ and ‘support’ flower of differing colours. Of course, a large bunch of just one type of flower works beautifully too.

Try combining unexpected elements such as artichoke, allium (onion and garlic), or succulents. Variegated or patterned leaves add an interesting effect, too, and can be tucked in around the base of your arrangement to help support the rest of the flowers.


Branching out           

Take a lesson from Japanese ikebana (flower arrangement) and go minimalist, with simple arrangements consisting of a limited number of elements, and as many branches and leaves as blooms.

Think outside the square

There are so many vessels about your house that could double as a vase, such as champagne flutes, water jugs, jars and bottles, and even candle holders. You don’t need a whole vase full of blooms, either. A single stem in a narrow vase can be eyecatching and light up a dull corner. Or, to make a little go a long way, try using several vases with just a few stems in each, and place them together.

Remember to stand back and look as you go, to make sure you are happy with the overall direction your arrangement is taking.

Jenny Spiller's picture
I love your flower arrangements! I always have fresh flowers in my house as they make me feel happy and they look great!
Carmela's picture
They are amazing, I have always said I would love to work with flowers but never followed it through.
home builders movers's picture
Home improvement is one most couple priorities to have a comfortable home after work that can get you relax and enjoy while you are at home. Another thing is the home arrangement which you feel great if your house has a relaxing arrangement.
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