Christmas Clean Up

Top five tips… A quick Christmas declutter

Life is busy enough – don’t let Christmas clutter make it worse! Try these five simple tips to cut down on Christmas clutter – this year, and the next...

1. Involve the kids in the post-present opening cleanup and use a timer to make a game of picking up the used wrapping paper. Or have a big garbage bag on hand so giftwrap can go in the bin as presents are opened. 

2. When packing away the Christmas decorations, be ruthless and discard any that are tired or broken (why store them for another year?). Make a list of things you want or need for next year and put it at the top of the box so it’s ready to go when the decorations come out again. Better still – see if you can pick up any of the items you need in the post-Christmas sales.

3. Make a list of people who sent you a Christmas card, to help you remember to return the favour next Christmas – without having to store the cards until next year.  

4. As you find homes for the presents you have received, make room by removing something that you haven’t used in 6-12 months.

5. If you think you can get away with it, consider re-gifting or donating gifts you don’t want to charity. If it’s going to sit in a cupboard unused, what’s the point in keeping it? If you are regifting, remember to make a note of who gave it to you so you don’t accidentally return it to them!

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