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Recently Beck Wadworth Blogger and Stylist for An Organised Life moved apartments and had the pleasure of working with a much bigger space to create her new look bedroom. Adairs was keen to find out the tricks of the trade and how Beck went about styling her perfect room. Read on to find out Becks 5 easy tips for creating a dreamy bedroom!



Winter has arrived and it’s time to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a glass of red wine. It’s also the perfect time for a couch refresh. We chatted with blogger Sonia Styling about her couch refresh, and got a few of her tips to help you get ready for peak couch season.


Tell us a little bit about your living room.

Bec shows us how to create a really cosy feeling by layering cushions and throws combining colours and textures. 

Need ideas on how to style your bedroom? Bec shares a few tips and tricks to help you create your perfect bedroom space.


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Bec Douros shares her ‘rule of 3’ for styling a space without clutter

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Looking for ideas and inspiration for styling a room? Wondering where to start? You’ll love our new video series with Bec Douros. In this instalment of Style with Bec, we look at the best place to start when styling a room and create a beautiful Scandinavian inspired living space.

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Top hints: Refresh your bathroom. 

Simple, low-cost ideas to refresh your bathroom

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Expert styling tips to create your perfect masculine or feminine styled bedroom!

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