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If you’re anything like us (and we suspect you are!), then you’d like some more. Sleep, that is. Here are our top tips for getting a great night’s sleep!

Sleep is a wonderful, magical and endlessly fascinating beast; here are our top five fabulous facts about slumber (that hopefully won’t put you to sleep)!

Finding the right piece for the right place, and hanging and framing it correctly is the secret to choosing and displaying your new artwork.

Q. Hi Style Clinic gurus!

I have recently purchased your Pima Cotton Bath towels. They are incredibly soft and I was hoping you would be able to advise me the best way to care for these towels in order to keep them this soft and luxurious for the future. Look forward to your tips! Sarah

Hi Style Gurus,

I am hoping you can help me in deciding which sheets I should purchase. I have just returned from a work trip where I was sleeping on cloud nine the sheets were amazing and would love to get a similar feeling at home can you please give me some advise on which sheets may be suitable.

Many Thanks


Dear Style Clinic,

I need your help. I love Christmas and really want to fill our home with a festive, holiday feel – but I live in an impossibly small apartment and a bulky tree just isn’t an option for me! Can you please suggest some ways that I can get a holiday vibe happening in a small space?



Did you know: Australia is in the top 10 of world cotton producers?

Q: Hi Style Clinic gurus! With the new season and warmer weather approaching I want to give my bedroom a fresh look but don’t want to have to spend a lot. How can I give my bedroom a quick, budget makeover? I have a plain waffle quilt cover. Thanks, Justine


Tips from the top: how to decorate a Christmas Tree

The Adairs style gurus give their top Christmas tree decoration ideas.

Tips from the top: how to decorate your Christmas table

Of course, the main star of the Christmas table should be the food, but it’s also too good an opportunity to miss when it comes to setting the mood with decorations! Here are our top tips for decorating your Christmas table, courtesy of the Adairs team of super stylists… 

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