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Life is busy enough – don’t let Christmas clutter make it worse! Try these five simple tips to cut down on Christmas clutter – this year, and the next...

Hi Style Clinic,

I’m not sleeping well and I’m worried it could be an allergy to dust mites. I’ve been told there are steps I can take that can help me sleep better? Suzy

Stylist, author, interior expert and homewares designer Shannon Fricke shares her best home decorating tip.

Arranging flowers is a joy to some and chore to others… follow our guide and you’ll be arranging flowers like a professional in no time!

Hi Adairs,

Please help! The sheets I purchased a couple of years ago, which were amazing when I bought them, are in terrible shape now. My mum and grandma purchased their sheets 10+ years ago, and they are still as great as when they bought them. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!


We all know that the lighter and brighter your wall colour, the bigger a room will feel.But what else can we do, other than avoiding dark colours that shrink a room, to make a room feel larger?

Hi Adairs,

My little girl is growing up so fast and is ready for a new bed! I was wondering if you could please tell me which products are suitable for a three-year-old moving into a single bed?  I have read a few articles about the transition but haven’t been able to find much information about which bedding suits best.

Thank you! Rachelle

 Take a moment from your day to marvel at these five fabulous facts about wonderful wool.

Three keys to low maintenance gardens are weed matting or lining, mulch, and hardy, well-positioned plants. Combine this with a good landscape design of garden beds contained by paths, and you’ve got all the elements of the busy person’s ideal garden!

Please help, Style Clinic! The up-and-down autumn weather has me changing my bed linen every other day; one night I need a quilt and throw and the next just a sheet! Do you have any tips for which bedding works best for these unpredictable conditions?  Thank you! Lucy

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