Three Birds Renovations Christmas and Summer Essentials Guide

Adairs: How do you celebrate Christmas?

Three Birds: Christmas for Three Birds is all about spending quality time with our families and we all tend to do the same thing. Christmas morning is spent with the kids then we usually end up hosting lunch for our extended family which is pretty epic…often it can mean 20-30 people over for lunch!


Adairs: If you were given the choice of anything Adairs for Christmas what would be your ultimate Adairs Gift?

Three Birds: We are currently obsessing over the new outdoor range like the Adelphi chairs and tables which have a slimline design and the Rebecca Judd Loves Cancun double-sided outdoor cushions look great when you cluster them together.


Adairs: Do you prefer the real Christmas tree of a faux Christmas tree?

Three Birds: We love the real thing when it comes to Christmas trees.  In fact, Bon and her family make a special trip each year to cut down their own Christmas tree.  Having said that, we love faux indoor plants when we’re styling our reno properties.


Adairs: When decorating the Christmas tree are you all about the styled look or do the kids get involved?

Three Birds: We love to get the kids involved! Christmas brings such joy to our kids and we love to have them hang all of the ornaments. (Even if we do end up rearranging their work over a glass of wine when they have gone to bed!)


Adairs: What Christmas decorating style are you – classic or contemporary?

Three Birds: Our Christmas style tends to be classic but with elements which are also contemporary like adding a statement pot to our Christmas tree instead of a traditional base cover.


Adairs: What is your go to gift for people that are hard to buy for?

Three Birds: Summer is the perfect time to give a beach towel and they are always so handy. Our fave at the moment is the Rebecca Judd Loves Velour Pink Sangria Circle Beach Towel. We just love the soft velour front with blush pink and black and white stripes and the terry towel reverse side which is perfect for drying yourself after a dip #whatageniusidea



Adairs: What is your summer essentials guide for all those out there? What do you need to buy to be beach and entertainment ready?

Three Birds: An Aussie summer is all about getting in some beach action and we love to head down to the beach with a good beach towel, umbrella, sunnies, hat and SPF 50. When entertaining, our essentials include scattering outdoor cushions to chill on, paddle board platters for fruit and cheese and the ever-essential drinks dispenser for a spritzer!



Adairs: Heading out for a picnic in summer – are you all about preparing all your food and drinks or it’s more about picking up takeaway on the way to the park?

Three Birds: We love the idea of preparing a gorgeous picnic which looks incredible and has been lovingly prepared…and on occasion we will do this. BUT 99% of the time we just pop into the local to grab some takeway on the way to the park.


Imagery Supplied by Three Birds Renovations

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