Styling the Bedroom & Living space with Three Birds Renovations

Adairs: How did your idea for Three Birds Renovations come about?

Three Birds: We had reached a point in our corporate careers where we wanted to work for ourselves and something we were passionate about.  We also wanted to spend more time with our families and have the flexibility to attend their school carnivals and be at pick-up most days.  Bon had been wanting to flip houses for years and eventually convinced Erin (whom she job shared with) to do it.  Lana had already quit her corporate job and was looking for an exciting new opportunity so when Bon called her up with the idea, Lana agreed on the spot.


Adairs: What is your typical bedroom interior style?

Three Birds: We try to make bedrooms an open, airy, light space that feels fresh and luxe all at once.  Our bedrooms always fit the overall style of the house which is a cross between scandi, hamptons and a bit of boho. We often start with a base of white bed linen and then layer it with colour and textures. Our bedrooms are quite minimalist and never look heavy and we always like to make a statement with some beautiful art above the bed.


Adairs: With House five how have you changed up the bedroom styling?

Three Birds: We introduced more colour into this house.  From the pops of jade green in the master to the terracotta theming in the guest bedroom.  We also used a lot of colour in the girls bedroom that was designed around the pitched ceilings from the original garage.  We loved using wallpaper and cladding to create a feature wall and then a pared back approach to linen to allow the fun bed frame to be the hero.  Cactus was a common theme in the girls room with some faux Cactus plants to match the Cactus wallpaper.


Adairs: What are your key tips to creating the perfect master bedroom?

Three Birds: Of all the rooms in the house this is the one to add a little bit of luxury to. Layer the bed with more than just your basic sheet set, doona cover and two pillows.  Use multiple pillows, feature cushions and a throw (or two) for the end of the bed.  If you have the space, a bench seat at the foot of the bed looks great too.  Wherever possible, don’t push the side of your bed against a wall, centre it off a wall so you can walk around both sides.  And last but not least, don’t worry if you don’t have a bedhead, a beautiful piece of artwork can do the job. P.S – we also love an open ensuite.


Adairs: The bedside table – when styling this what are your main tips?

Three Birds: We love to keep the bedside free of lamps and lights so we usually opt for hanging pendants or wall sconces.  This leaves the bedside free to fill up with books and trinkets to add interest to the space.  Succulents and candles create a relaxed vibe as does a small piece of art leaning against the wall.

Adairs: What is your favourite piece from the Adairs range that you have used within the house?

Three Birds: That’s hard to choose but we love the Vintage Washed Linen.  What’s not to love!? It’s “vintage”, it’s “washed”, it’s “linen”! #needisaymore


Adairs: Within the living area, you have used a range of cushions and throws how did you go about choosing the items and working out where they would enhance a space?

Three Birds: In the upstairs lounge room we used the cushions and sheep skin rugs to add colour and depth as the rest of the palette was quite subdued.  In the other living space, we had a statement pink couch to content with so used neutral cushions and timber to tone down the room.

Adairs: House five uses a lot of neutral colours how have you gone about enhancing the overall look of the bedrooms?

Three birds: We made sure that each room had its own colour story and vibe:

Master – strong pops of jade combined with a fresh white and grey base.

Guest bedroom – warm terracotta and cream put together with multiple textures and more greys.

Boys bedroom – bustling with black & white and lots of layers. Perfect a boy that’s no longer a baby.

Girls bedroom – a pretty and empowering pallet of pink, grey and green.


Adairs: Bedroom and living spaces – do you prefer carpet or floor boards?

Three Birds: It’s hard to go past carpet in bedrooms for obvious reasons but in the rest of the house we love the freshness that floorboards bring. It’s also so easy to add a rug (or two or three) to soften the space.


Adairs: Your own homes – are you relatively neat and tidy, or is it that you spend so much time planning and working on house five that it’s hard to maintain order in your own homes?

Three Birds: The latter for sure!!  You hear about gourmet chefs that cook 2 minute noodles at home … that’s us.  Our own homes are nowhere near as beautiful as the ones we renovate.  Hopefully that we’ll change as we’re about to renovate our own homes.

Imagery Supplied by Three Birds Renovations

Adairs: What is your key tips to styling the perfect living space?

Three Birds: Your living space should feel open yet cosy at the same time.  The trick is finding a way to layout out the lounges and chairs so that they are open enough to encourage people to come into the space, but also closed off enough to encourage conversation.  With open plan living you can also use rugs to signal where the lounge room zone is.  In fact, two rugs can be layered on top of each other to great effect. Also consider a cluster of coffee tables in place of one large one. If possible, try to locate the TV on a wall which doesn’t make it the statement piece in the room. This is easier said than done but if you can find a wall that isn’t the first thing you see when walking near the space, that would be better. 

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