Past pretty pastel shades? Then this is the trend for you! Being sweet and innocent all the time is hard work, particularly when there’s an awesome alternative…

We are so excited to introduce to you our very first guest blogger for our ‘My Perfect Escape’ series! For the next six weeks we’ll be having some of our very favourite online personalities drop in and share with us what creates their perfect escape.

You’ve probably seen examples of the vertical garden walls that are greening up our cities… the good news is, you can have one at home, too!

If swinging in a hammock on a beautiful beach isn’t on the cards for you right now, we’ve come up with a few ways to get that get-out-of town feeling right here at home!

I love seeing the product evolve, and fashion cycles turn. We also have a great team in the Customer Support Centre, which makes every day a pleasure.



We’re accustomed to seeing them at weddings, but otherwise you might be forgiven for relegating garlands to children’s daisy chains and Hawaiian leis. But no longer! 


A popular catwalk and red carpet colour in recent months, sunshine yellow has now taken up residence as the latest home colour trend. Now you can have your day in the sun – inside and out!


Think you’re the only one who gets wrung out by the pressures of life and needs to get away from it all? Think again! Even those bestowed with an abundance of good looks, good fortune and GOODNESS ME! sums of money in their bank accounts need a little R&R every now and then - here’s a little glimpse into where and how the other half holiday!



Love all that sparkles and shines? Don’t stop at Christmas! Bright sparks everywhere are on to the sparkle trend, ushering in a star-studded New Year’s Eve with all that glitters.

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