Velvet, lace, florals - all of these trends have had recent revivals. The latest print to receive a fresh, modern take is the fabulous feather!

This is a trend everyone can get excited about - transforming your bedroom into the ultimate 'sleep cave' so that you can get all of the beauty rest you need! 

Our Style Editors for March are sisters Rosita and Leila, the lovely ladies behind beautiful blog, Little Gatherer. We spoke to these clever gals about design, desserts and everything in between!

We're going totally troppo for this trend! It's all about fruit, on your clothes, shoes, linen and walls!

Sophisticated, chic and oh-so-sexy, velvet is back with a bang!

Nothing says 'flirt with me' like a little floral! 

Our final ‘My Perfect Escape’ guest blogger is Catherine Miller from wonderful, Tassie-based blog, Little Glowing Lights. When Catherine isn’t busy making beautiful words and pictures for her blog, she is busy making beautiful words and pictures for her OTHER blog - Island Menu. Over to you, Catherine!

Though some may say that that lace is daggy, old fashioned, and out dated, we disagree - we think that there is a lot to love about lace! 

Our guest blogger this week is the thoroughly delightful Briar Stanley from one of our all-time favourite blogs - Sunday Collector. A props buyer and interior stylist, Briar divides her days between blogging, making spaces of all varieties more lovely, and being mum to her gorgeous girl, Sunday!

As we all become more environmentally conscious, we look for ways to recycle items used around the home. Well, we've found you an absolute hum-dinger!!! If you've ever wondered what to do with old bottles and jars, we have a solution for you; re-use them as vases, light shades, decorative pieces or storage vessels!

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