In my life, I’ve been sure to choose work that doesn’t feel like work. For me, work and life blend beautifully

! It’s also my dream job in that it allows me to scour the world for innovative ideas and products.

I love our team. Our digital and marketing team members are ridiculously talented. I probably learn more from them, than they do from me.

I am constantly receiving packages of bed linen that are in development– so it feels a little like Christmas every day! It’s always really exciting to see something grow from a sketch or a swatch of fabric into the amazing fashion bedding that you see in-store.

New cloth constructions and new printing techniques make designing for textiles an exciting challenge and an ongoing learning experience.  The possibilities for decorating the home are near to infinite and I feel privileged to be involved in the process.

Photography, styling, imagery, search engine marketing and most interestingly, social media! Pinterest is my new best friend. It’s such an incredible source of design inspiration, not only for interiors but fashion, too

I love the challenge of spotting that special something that stands out amongst the thousands of items I see every year.

Jan Mason, Product Manager for Home Décor, Furniture and Christmas.

Finding affordable ways for people to express their personalities through their homes is very satisfying to me.

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