Outdoor Entertaining with Three Birds Renovations

Adairs: This is the first time that Adairs has an outdoor living range – what is your take on it?

Three Birds: We are a little bit obsessed with the new range! It’s so gorgeous and we are having fun mixing and matching the cushions and towels which are quite bold in colour but also have the reversible sides with the stripes which bring it together.  We’re also loving the minimalist design of the outdoor furniture range which looks great when paired with the bright towels and cushions. 


Adairs: The RJL HR Outdoor cushions are quite bright and colourful, how would you recommend styling these outdoors?

Three Birds: Our houses tend to use lots of white and soft greys so it’s great to have pops of colour here and there and the outdoor area is the perfect place to be bold. We love using the cushions on the floor as an additional place to sit or put your feet up. We also think they look great at the back of a simple chair when paired with a complimentary item like a statement striped pot.


Adairs: This is also the first time Adairs has a Melamine range for making entertaining outdoors easier and safer. Would you consider Melamine over glass and ceramic for outdoor entertaining?

Three Birds: There is nothing worse than broken glass outside when you have kids - between us we have 9 kids so the melamine range is great for avoiding that. One of the things that was a great surprise for us was how lightweight it is so not only is it safer, it’s also much easier to carry.


Adairs: What are your key styling pointers when organising a dinner party in the backyard?

Three Birds: Our style is pretty relaxed but there are a few things that we always do…the first is about lighting and ensuring it looks great. We love to use fairy lights and candles to create soft muted ambience. Our table usually includes a beautiful table runner and lots of flowers/greenery in little vases taken from the garden and more candles. We love simple white tableware and a pop of colour in napkins with an interesting design.


Adairs: Outdoor entertaining – what’s your style – relaxed drinks and nibbles or cocktails and sit down dinner?

Three Birds: With 9 kids between us we tend to entertain with a relaxed style which is easy and fun for the kids. We love to entertain with drinks and nibbles whilst watching the kids run themselves ragged on the grass.


Adairs: What is your ultimate salad recipe for a summer dinner party?

Three Birds: Summer is the perfect time for watermelon and we just love using it in salad for a fresh light option which is a bit different. To make it all you need to do is… throw a bag of crispy lettuce into a beautiful bowl or platter, add a quarter of a melon which has been cut into bite size pieces,  throw in a pack of fetta and a bunch of mint leaves. Then squeeze half a lemon and drizzles a few tablespoons of olive oil over it and voila the perfect summer salad!

Adairs: When you entertain at night are outdoor lanterns something that you would use?

Three Birds: Absolutely! We love outdoor lanterns as an option to create beautiful soft light and add a bit of atmosphere to an outdoor space.


Adairs: What is an absolute must do when entertaining outdoors?

Three Birds: We reckon there are three must do’s when entertaining outdoors… A great outdoor entertaining space has lots of seating so we love to throw a few extra cushions down for seating. We also love to make sure our guests have easy access to drinks and set up a great drinks station on either a bar cart or side table with lots of options and glasses for guests. And lastly, put on some awesome tunes.

Imagery Supplied by Three Birds Renovations

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