The Organised Housewife

The Organised Housewife

Katrina Springer, Gold Coast

Why did I start the blog

I started The Organised Housewife blog in August 2010, the year my youngest started school.  Initially it was to share my recipes and printables with my friends and give me something to do while the kids were at school.  I wanted to be a SAHM while my kids were still in the lower grades as I was active on the school P&C and helped in the classrooms, so initially writing my blog helped to pass the time. 

Soon after I started the blog I created the Facebook page and from there I found that so many other women also enjoyed my blog posts, organising ideas and cleaning tips.  I started answering their questions via blog posts and was connecting with a new community of women needing help, they inspired me to write more about my passion of living an organised life and in return I motivated them.  Never did I imagine then that so many would be reading my blog today, I am so grateful. I feel my main sucess driver would be the content.  I share how I organise and run my home along with the routines that enable me to stay in control and on top of the daily chores.  It’s like my readers are peeking through my kitchen window, seeing the food I make my family and how I organise the kitchen cupboards.  They can adapt my ideas to suit their home. 

About the room make over

I chose to makeover my youngest daughters room, she is 9 and a very important half. I picked her room because her older siblings (twins Mr and Mrs 11) have over the past year revamped their rooms ready for their tween years.  Miss 9 has had the same room since she was one and has been a little tired of it for a while now.  Her style has changed, pink used to be her favorite colour but now she LOVES mint and has been asking me to add some mint-tiffany blue type colour into her room so this was a perfect opportunity. We started with the bed, Miss 9 saw the bed and fell in love.  I must admit I did too.  Then we saw the colours of the icecream range matched perfectly with the bed and her current pink wall, plus I think the design matched her personality too.. ooh so sweet.  We then chose a few accent pieces to decorate the room, lamp and bedside table.  Miss 9 had a shelf of trophy’s above her bed and asked if these could be stored away as a shelf of trophy’s didn’t appeal to her design eye (she loves to have things looking pretty).  We removed the shelf the trophy’s were on as it wasn’t looking very safe on the wall and thankfully by adding in the hexagon shelves it hides the holes left from the old shelf.

My Picks

My favourite piece in this room would have to be bed, the colour gives the room a pop and instantly made a beautiful difference to the room. When deciding which size quilt we wanted for her bed (which is single) I decided to up the size to a double as Miss 9’s bedroom is lacking storage I wanted to hide some under bed storage boxes under her bed.  The double size doona cover hanging below the base of the bed frame hides the boxes underneath. 

1:Sprinkles Bed linen: Available through this link  

2:Poppy tables: Available through this link  

3:Pom Pom Garlands: Available through this link 

4:Xander Lamp:   Available in store only

5:Millie Shelves: Available through this link 

6:Ice Cream Lamp: Available through this link 


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