One quilt cover two ways with stylists Aimee and Katy

Recently we welcomed Katy Thomas of The Eye Spy Milk Bar and Aimee Tarulli of Archer Interiors into Adairs to style their dream bedroom. The ladies immersed themselves in a sea of cushions, throws and bedlinen to create a look which represented their vision and personal style. However no one would have guessed what was to come… Both stylists unexpectedly selected the same quilt cover – our Vintage Washed Linen Quilt Cover in White Check.

So from us to you styling inspiration; two looks achieved using the one quilt cover. Come along for the ride and pick up a few helpful styling tips thanks to Aimee and Katy.


Adairs: How would you describe your bedroom style?

Aimee: My bedroom style is really soft and muted, with lots of layers of natural linen in pretty soft shades layer up with furs and cushions to create a really cosy space. I love soft colour and use texture to make the space look visually interesting.

Katy: I've introduced a Scandinavian style at home with softer shades of grey, dusty pinks and white. By layering a mix of textures on our bed I have created a calm and inviting space.


Adairs: Did you integrate this style into the room you designed?

Aimee: I chose a grey on grey theme as I wanted to create a really minimal, high end and sophisticated look. The Vintage Wash White Check bedlinen worked in perfectly with my light colour palette. Using the Vintage Washed Linen Coverlet in Indigo as an additional layer achieved a contrast needed to make the room feel homely. The Copenhagen chair just peeking into the side of the shot warmed up the look with its oak arms.  

Katy: I've definitely introduced these elements when creating my bedroom space. I envisioned creating a room that was sophisticated with a touch of Scandinavian influence. The Mercer and Reid Luxe Bedhead in Light Grey, Dane side table and the Crochet floor rug complemented each other to create the ultimate feeling in comfortable sophistication.

Adairs: How would you best describe the style of room you have created?

Aimee: It’s relaxed, cosy and makes you want to jump back into bed! Exactly how a bedroom should make you feel!

Katy: Sophisticated with a touch of Scandinavian influence 


Adairs: Styling a room, do you start with one key item which then inspires the end result?

Aimee: Styling a bedroom I start with artwork or bedlinen, so in this case the focus was the Vintage Wash White Checked Quilt cover. I then work in a colour palette to compliment these pieces so either the artwork is hero or the bed is the hero. Everything else should be quite soft and to achieve a really serene, relaxing feel to the room.

Katy: Focusing on one key item is a good starting point when designing any room.  For my room it was the divine Copenhagen chair had to be a feature and so I worked the rest of the collection around it. I also wanted to show how a beautiful arm chair can work so well in a bedroom space (and not just in the living room).

Adairs: How do you feel about throw rugs and using fur for summer styling?

Aimee: I think a bed can look a bit naked without a throw or fur, so regardless of the season I always make a bed really big and luscious with lots of layers, throws and cushions. In summer I will switch up to lighter colours and in winter move into a moodier colour palette but I will always layer it up with a good chunky throw or fur.

Katy:  I love a throw rug on the bed any time of the year. For summer styling I might look to include a lighter throw (rather than a chunky knit for winter) and it definitely helps to complete the overall look of the bed.


Adairs: Cushions on the bed, how many is your preference? How have you gone about choosing the cushions you featured?

Aimee: I usually stick to 1 – 2 cushions on the bed. In this instance I have just chosen 1 as I wanted the look to be pared back and minimal.

Katy: I love a good mix of cushions in a range of textures and sizes. It's a great way to add some personality to a space. I've kept it simple, using a mix of white, soft greys, navy and pinks. I'm also a huge fan of not having everything balanced and love to turn a cushions on its side. European cushions don't have to match.

Adairs: Aimee you decided to forgo a bedside table, what was your strategy around this?

Aimee: I wanted the look to be really relaxed, so I created a tranquil bed through the way it was styled - using folds and layers. I felt the stack of books and the Mercer + Reid Annika floor lamp added to this really chilled out vibe! I didn’t want it to look to stiff and structured, although I do love all the side table options at Adairs!


Adairs: How did you go about deciding on wall colour and flooring to complete your look?

Aimee: I am obsessed with V grove wall paneling at the moment and grey is my go to styling colour for relaxed, breezy bedrooms that have a really contemporary feel, so this was a match made in heaven!  

Katy: After viewing the Adairs range, I decided on a cement looking wall and a soft natural timber floor. I knew this would be the perfect backdrop to then layer in a good mix of textures and colours through bedlinen, cushions and throws. 


Adairs: What is your favourite pieces in Adairs Summer Collection?

Aimee: An absolute favourite of mine was the vintage washed quilt cover in white check. This duvet cover looks and feels so high end and it’s such a versatile print that would suit the look of any interior. It’s light and the fabric is so soft and lovely.

Katy: Definitely the Copenhagen chair! This is a stand out piece! I adore the shape of this chair and it has a striking elegance about it. I also love the Mercer + Reid Annika Lamp, its simple, yet sophisticated.


The Final Looks

Katy Thomas of The Eye Spy Milk Bar - @theeyespymilkbar


Aimee Tarulli of Archer Interiors - @aimeestylist


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