Living Edit: White Fox Styling turns up the heat with Adairs Moroccan Collection

Embrace Spring and treat yourself or others to Adairs new Spring/Summer collection. Adairs enlisted the help of Jen from White Fox Styling to help introduce you to our Moroccan story. It's all about that touch of Bohemian spirit, which effortlessly transforms a room and creates a feeling of spring warmth in your home.


Adairs: When styling a living space, what is your strategy, where do you begin?

Jen: Function is always my starting point, and quite often the living space is somewhere you can relax and just hang out without being formal or fussy. Often I begin with comfortable places to sit, and I consider the way conversation and family/social time can be enjoyed there. This also includes some form of small tables for placing drinks or nibbles on, and usually a floor rug to create a more comfortable and cohesive feel.

Adairs: Can you describe what you have created with this Moroccan inspired living space?

Jen: What I’ve created here is a really earthy place to relax, particularly in the warmer weather. I’ve concentrated heavily on natural elements, tones and textures to give that sense of nature.

Adairs: Was their key item or a few key items which you worked the entire look around?

Jen: The two key items were the Coachella and Plantation chairs. I just love their contrasting textures and shapes and they are pulled together by the gorgeous Hampton rug, which I have to say, is another favourite of mine.

Adairs: Floor Rugs are very popular this season, do you have any tips when styling with floor rugs?

Jen: The key with floor rugs is to have the right size and shape for the area you’re using it in. A small rug in a large space will be lost. Similarly, an overbearing pattern can make a small space feel cluttered. In a room where much of the furniture has fairly structured lines, a round rug can soften those lines and make the room feel less angular. Also consider your family and how you use the area. With young kids, lovely shaggy rugs are soft yes, but goodness knows they are nightmare to pick squashed sultanas out of! Something like jute rug might be a better option in a situation where younger kids are involved.

Adairs: What is your favourite item in this living space and why?

Jen: The Plantation chair. I love the design and the colouring, and the woven texture of the back and seat has a beautiful natural feel to it. It’s definitely my favourite piece in this room.

Adairs: When creating a living space, what are the key guidelines people should follow?

Jen: There are certainly some good guidelines to consider with when pulling together a living space. It’s often a multi purpose area so there needs a comfortable places to sit, a coffee table or side tables to rest drinks on, a well proportioned rug to anchor the seating and create comfort underfoot, lovely artwork and ambient lighting. And cushions!  Don't forget to style with cushions, they instantly add comfort and texture to a room. Above all though, don’t forget to bring your personality and your family vibe to the room. Show houses appeal to the head, but well styled homes appeal to the heart.

Adairs: How did you go about adding warmth to the overall finish of this living space?

The warmth in this room comes predominantly from the warm colouring of the wood, leather and rattan, but I highlighted that warmth by adding blush pink in the accents. The prints, the throw, the vase and the rattan basket soften the area. The pink tones within these items creates a sunset ambience. The Ashton throw, sheep skin cushion and the Hampton Floor rug add a softness to the room.

How do you feel about Faux Plants?

I have to say that I love them. I have children and I have animals, all of which are thriving. Indoor plants though? I CANNOT keep them alive for the life of me! So good quality, realistic faux plants are essential in my home. Plants really soften a space and give an element of colour, texture and shape that other décor pieces might not be able to, and it feels lovely to walk into a room that has brought some of the outside in. Hats off to those clever people who have no trouble keeping plants not only alive, but also healthy, but for those of us who have less ability in that respect, then faux plants are an absolute decorating life saver!




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