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I launched my blog ‘The K J Collective’ officially in January 2014, as a chronicle, where I share my daily interiors inspiration, styling and an outlet for my creativity. I have a passion for sourcing, supporting and promoting Australian local designers and businesses. I’ve been so fortunate, having worked in our large family business (in the building industry) for over 2 decades, being constantly exposed to creative people, brands and products. This has been a big driver for me to ‘seek and find’ the best interiors inspiration far and wide. I am big on attention to detail and love contemporary art and design. Creating beautiful spaces, styling and collecting art are unstoppable passions of mine….. Just ask my family!  

Through the world of social media I have been able to share my passion for styling and interiors, though my blog and Instagram. I have to meet some inspiring creatives, business and made some great friendships along the way.

I am honoured to be Guest Style Editor for Adairs, February 2015 ……Thank you!

Let me show you the current styling in my master bedroom, moving from summer into the autumn months  for 2015.

 I love the Adairs adult range of bedding, there is so much to choose from!  May it be scandi, patterns, texture, classics, you name it, the choice is there! I have been buying from Adairs for as long as I can remember, not only as an adult, but also as teenager where I would always buy a new beach towel for the summer! 

When styling I like to work through a’ rough checklist’ … this can apply to any room in my home. 

I ensure there is beautiful art, prints or something interesting on the walls to look at, something on the floor; a rug, basket or ottoman, and I also like to include a living plant in most rooms in my home. (Succulents and air plants are a favourite at the moment).  I focus on the right mix of colours, patterns, storage and textures in the rooms in my home….I must always have to have a good book or magazine nearby to read too!

In the above image, for example, the pattern of the Bahamas Diamond black and white cushion on my armchair adds a ‘bit of interest’ to that zone, and is balanced by the solid fabric of the chair and the lemon ‘vintage Washed linen’ cushion. ‘Lemon’ is a favourite ‘accent colour’ of mine at the moment. 

I don’t always use flowers in my bedroom, but rather like the simplicity of strappy leaves, or in this case ‘Mother in Laws tongue’, a plant I remember quite distinctly from my childhood in the 70’s.

I’m also a big fan of the scented soy candle & room sprays… who isn’t! I especially love it when the candles are made in stunning glass jars, such as this ‘Mercer Reid Collection’ that can be reused after it’s finished….it would make a gorgeous little vase. 

When styling my bedroom I like use a solid colour with my quilt cover, in this case it’s white.  In the pic below,  I have matched up the Home Republic ‘Louis’ tailored quilt cover, with the patterned ‘Xavier’ pillow cases. I have ‘balanced’ this area by using another solid black pillowcase I have had from a previous season.  I may only sometimes pick a few signature pieces, to restyle my bedroom each season. 

This is my husband’s side of the bed….I will often have a couple of solid pillow cases on my bed to ‘tone down’ other patterned cushions or throws I may be using in the mix. Here I’ve used the Paraguay throw, which is patterned with a fringe to add a little texture and break up the solid colours. 

I also like to blend ‘the old with the new’ in my rooms.  I have a cushion collection which seems to grow more and more every few months, how does that happen?! I store them away and then when changing up my room, they come into play again.  In the picture below, the cushion on the floor is from a previous season from Adairs. I am also a big fan of baskets for storage in all the rooms in my home.  It may be to store blankets, throws, magazines or cushions of course! Adairs have a great range in various sizes.

I am a big believer of ‘quality not quantity’ when buying pieces for my home. I’d rather wait a little longer to buy a more expensive quality piece, that I can use for several seasons in my home,  than buy a cheaper alternative where the quality isn’t as great. 

Adairs really has a great range which can suit every budget!

I hope I’ve inspired you to ‘mix it up’ when styling up your rooms for a new season, and blend the old with the new!

My Picks: 

1: Home Republic Louis White Quilt Cover

2: Home Republic  Xavier Standard Pillowcases 

3: Home Republic Vintage Washed Lemon Cushion

4: Mercer + Reid Paraguay Throw

5: Home Republic Bahamas Cushion (Available in-store check you nearest store here) 

6: Mercer + Reid Blooming Fragrance Range


Visit my blog over at www.thekjcollective for more inspiration & view my page on Instagram @thekjcollective or facebook page . I can be emailed on

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