Create the Modern Boho Look in Your Home

As we go about our busy lives, we long to turn our homes into a haven, a place where we can relax, and also somewhere that reflects our unique personalities.

This Spring, we’ve focused on Boho styling but with a modern twist, essentially allowing the Boho look to be represented in every home. Boho can often seem daunting, but we’ve made it really simple to incorporate into every style of home.



What is Boho?

The essence of Boho is freedom of expression; it’s free and open to personal tastes and styles. Pattern inspiration is drawn from all over the globe; from the beautifully-patterned tiles of Morocco and Portugal, to the ancient and mystical prints of India. Represented globally in both the fashion and interior design industries, Boho evokes a strong sense of individuality and creativity allowing you to create a look that is completely your own.



Modern Boho

Modern Boho blends together new influences with time old techniques. We’ve taken the essence of Boho and created a range that allows for bright and bold styling, or a more subtle approach depending on what suits your home. With our modern take on Boho, you can choose from a variety of textural and patterned pieces, and layer them all together to create a look that truly reflects your unique sense of style.



Boho Products

Our Spring Boho collection features Mandala designs in bedlinen and wall art as well as Indian woodblock prints, elephants and embroidery. You’ll find shaggy woven chenille designs in ottomans and cushions, textured throws, patterned rugs and laser cut wall art that is anything but conventional. 



Boho Materials and Finishes

The finer details of each piece have been carefully thought out and expertly designed to ensure you can see and feel not only the essence of Boho but the high quality and luxurious nature of each product. We’ve added oversized tassels on throws, fringing and tassels on cushions and European Pillowcases, gold foil prints, and even colourful pom poms. Elements of raw linen, soft velvet and organic cotton are featured throughout to maintain the authenticity of the Boho look.



Boheme is the perfect laid back summer story, with a fresh contemporary feel and a free-spirited nature.

See more here.

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