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Our intrepid Style Editor this month is Clare, mum of two, and editor of Checks and Spots, a website devoted to checking out and spotting the best of fashion, beauty, design and lifestyle. Clare also runs her own business as a Brand Storyteller.

About Clare:

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a bride. Every morning I would dress in one of my mum’s old nighties and go down to the garage and pretend to marry my imaginary friend, Sim.

I was very conscientious at school… which is a nice way of saying I was a bit of a nerd! I often had my head in a book and didn’t mind studying. In many ways, that love of learning has never left me.

Tell us about your blog:

I struggled enormously with becoming a mum. It didn’t come naturally to me and I found it hard to find that sweet spot of happiness.

So when our son was four months old, I started Checks and Spots. For a long time it was only my husband and mum that read it, but that didn’t matter because my blog was the one thing in my day that had nothing to do with baby routines, nappies or feeding. It was where I could capture the things that made me look twice and be creative – and that was just the tonic I needed for those early days of motherhood.

Ever since my first blog post almost five years ago, I have pretty much posted every weekday.  Today, Checks and Spots is a dynamic community that I adore and that inspires me. It has also grown from a labour of love into a business that allows me to be creative and have a damn good time along the way!

What are your favourite sources of inspiration?

All day, every day I’m reading books, magazines and websites in search of newness. New ideas. New perspectives. New ways of doing old things.

Some of my current faves online are:

Of course, nothing can top actually getting out from behind the computer and chasing new experiences!

Favourite travel destinations?

Take me to Byron Bay or Croatia – as all I need is some salt water and sunshine and I’m a very happy gal!

Your six ultimate dinner party guests?

What could be better than being surrounded by six fascinating men?! I’d invite Russell Brand, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Seth Godin, Yotam Ottolenghi , Slim Aarons and Sean Penn.

Tell us something about you that people might not know.

I have a phobia of balloons and once went on a date with Heath Ledger!

I hadn’t changed our son, Alfie’s, room around since he moved from a cot to his bed when he was two; now that he’s five, it’s definitely time for a mini makeover!

  1. Aura Triangles Quilt Cover – To keep Alfie’s room from looking too junior, I chose a graphic quilt cover. A repeated pattern and bold palette makes for the perfect statement.
  2. Fresh 300TC Sheet Set– I think that white sheets can be a bit ‘blah’ in a kid’s bedroom, so I mixed things up with this silver set. It contrasts beautifully with the quilt cover and is made from cotton.
  3. Home Republic Rocky Snow Peaks Cushion– I seriously love this cushion and would happily have it in any room of our house!  The mountain peak print is unique and neutral enough to be versatile. Plus, it echoes the triangle print of the quilt cover.
  4. Home Republic Santona Throw – I like layering colour and texture in a room, so to finish things off I added a pop of yellow with this throw. The soft cotton is hard wearing while this is the type of piece that won’t date.

Clare also created a guest board on Pinterest with all of her favourite kids' room inspiration - you can check it out here!

To check out more of Clare’s fabulous checking and spotting, head to her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. AND – if you happen to be a fan of being fantastically healthy, check out Clare’s amazing green smoothie recipe book – it’s free when you become a Checks and Spots member!

NAZ's picture
Loving the bedding
Angela's picture
I love the snugly flannelette sheets I recently bought from Adairs. Yuuuuuuuuum.
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