Bedroom Edit: White Fox Styling turns up the heat with Adairs Moroccan Collection

As we begin to say goodbye to the cooler months and welcome those warmer days with open arms now is the perfect time to begin the preparation for the sunnier months ahead.  Jen from White Fox Styling introduces you to her bedroom inspired by Adairs new Moroccan collection. It is a touch of Bohemian spirit, which effortlessly transforms a room and adds a touch of spring/summer warmth into your home.

Adairs: How would you describe Adairs Moroccan collection?

Jen: Exotic but relaxed. The Moroccan collection incorporates so many wonderful pieces that allow you to really immerse yourself in the style, or simply bring a few key aspects in to change up the feel of a room for summer.

Adairs: What is your favourite pieces in the range?

Jen: My favourite pieces are the amazing Azra bed linen, with its fabulous Mediterranean colours and beautiful patterns. It really feels so exotic.

Adairs: When styling this bedroom did you begin with one key item and work the collection around this?

Jen: I knew I wanted to work with the Azra bed linen. It worked in perfectly with the colour of the bed frame and was the perfect starting point from which I styled the rest of the room around.

Adairs: Moroccan is one of our Spring/Summer collections, how do you feel about throw rugs and using fur for summer styling?

Jen: As much as throw rugs and fur are often associated with colder weather and keeping warm, they also provide texture in a look, which really adds an extra dimension to a room. Throws and cushions made from those warmer type materials are still appropriate in summer styling, just on a smaller scale, because they subtly enhance the look instead of dominating it.

Adairs: How have you gone about choosing the cushions which would work the best for the Azra Bedlinen?

Jen: Choosing the cushions was tough actually, because there are so many wonderful options in the range! I opted for two square cushions – the Mint Aberdeen cushion picked up on the shades of blue in the quilt cover, and the black and white Tribal Pleated cushion complemented the heavy patterning on the quilt with some light patterning of their own.

I also used two smaller rectangular cushions, the white Sheep Skin to really add texture and to warm up the blue of the linen just a little, as well as the Norse Stripe which, being predominantly grey, brought the lighter and darker aspects of the bed linen together.

Towards the back of the bed I opted for white European cushions to break up the patterning and colours of the quilt, from the artwork above the bed. I also went for the aqua side of the standard pillowcases to lighten up the darker shades.

Adairs: How many cushions is too many?

Jen: Too many cushions? Is there such a thing?! I am a major sucker for cushions much to my husband’s dismay, and my kid’s amusement, but in all seriousness, it really does depend on the style of the bed and room as to how many cushions work best. I like somewhere between three and five decorative cushions depending on the feel I’m going for. That’s not counting the standard or European pillows though. Two to four standards and possibly two Euro, but again, it’s all completely dependent on the style you’re working with.

Adairs: Any key tips you can offer when styling a bedroom?

Jen: Always consider function first. There are so many things that can look wonderful in a bedroom, but when it comes down to it, if those pieces don’t serve a purpose, they really just take up valuable floor space. I like to have things hidden away in a bedroom - cluttered rooms aren’t conducive to the relaxed and comfortable vibe that allows you to relax. In terms of styling, small trays on a bedside table are stylish and great for keeping key jewellery pieces together. A plant or vase of flowers always add a lovely touch to a room. Artwork helps to create an ambience, a nice rug at the foot of the bed adds a layer of interest, and some soft lighting in the way of bedside lamps or pendants is a great addition as well.



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