Winter Bedrooms – Tips to Prepare yourself for Winter

Q. Hi there, Style Clinic!

What do I need to get my bedroom ready for a cold winter?

A. When it comes to winter bedrooms, there’s so much you can do to prepare your bed for those chilly nights. Here are our top five tips to prepare yourself for winter!

  1. Start with the essentials! Firstly, a warm goose down or feather quilt. We recommend any of the Downtime quilts. Super warm, yet light and lofty, which is perfect for the winter months.
  2. Add a cotton blanket into the mix. Place it in between your quilt cover and your top sheet (if you don’t have a top sheet, just place it under your quilt cover).
  3. Still not warm enough? Add some flannelette sheets! Mercer + Reid do plain and patterned flannelette sheet sets and quilt covers and nothing beats that snuggly flannelette feel! 
  4. For an extra splash of style (and extra warmth of course), add a faux fur throw to the end of your bed to pull up at bedtime or just for that extra touch of glamour!
  5. And there’s always the old-fashioned trick of popping a hotwater bottle in your bed 15 minutes before you jump in, to warm the sheets before you have to feel them. A hot drink prior to bed will warm up your insides, too!

Head to our bedroom page and find the styles to best suit you!


The Style Clinic team

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