What Sheets Should You Sleep On?

Hi Style Gurus,

I am hoping you can help me in deciding which sheets I should purchase. I have just returned from a work trip where I was sleeping on cloud nine the sheets were amazing and would love to get a similar feeling at home can you please give me some advise on which sheets may be suitable.

Many Thanks


Hi Krissy,

Your bed should be your haven, a comfortable place to retreat and nothing feels better than cosying up under beautiful fresh sheets. Choosing the right bed linen really comes down to personal preference, there is no one type that is the best for everyone. Adairs Bed Linen Buyer Alana Spence are a few tips to point you in the right direction to finding the right bed linen for you…

What type of sheets should I sleep on?

A high thread count doesn’t guarantee a better quality sheet, what it really comes down to is the quality of the yarn and construction. Although the quality of the yarn is hard to see, the hand feel of the sheet is a great start.

If you like a crisp, smooth finish go for a percale weave. Percale is a durable, long lasting flat weave that when woven in a superior quality cotton should feel very smooth and cool to touch and has an almost ‘matte’ finish. This fabric will continue to soften through washing and use and can be wrinkle resistant due to the tight weave. Generally you’ll find percale weaves in thread counts of 225 up to 500.

If you like a silky, luxurious feel then go for a sateen weave. This weave has multiple horizontal threads over and one under, placing most of the threads on the surface of the sheet creating a silky soft finish with a beautiful lustre. Sateen is woven with very fine cotton so is more delicate than a percale weave and must be cared for as such to ensure the bed linen’s longevity. Although sateen can be woven in any thread count it is generally used in 300 and up – mostly popular in 1000 thread count.

Alana Spence, Senior Bedlinen Buyer at Adairs 


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I highly recommend Adairs Beauty sleep sheets, absolutely devine!!!
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