Trans-Seasonal Bedding

Please help, Style Clinic! The up-and-down autumn weather has me changing my bed linen every other day; one night I need a quilt and throw and the next just a sheet! Do you have any tips for which bedding works best for these unpredictable conditions?  Thank you! Lucy


Hi Lucy!  It can be a tricky time of year, can't it?! The best way to style your bed during the weather change is to add a blanket to your bed between your flat sheet and under your quilt. Sleeping under the blanket and sheet should provide the right amount of warmth for autumn nights with the option to pull up the quilt if the temperature drops. Some simple layering means you can easily add or subtract depending on what the weather demands! 

From a styling perspective - for a sleek, tailored look, throw a lightweight blanket (such as our Home Republic Cotton Bamboo Blanket) or coverlet (such as the Home Republic Wave Coverlet) over the flat sheet, folding the flat sheet cuff back over the top then tucking the sheet and blanket (or coverlet) under the mattress. Fold your quilt in half and lay it across the bottom of your bed and layer up with mix and match pillows and cushions. And as always - have fun with it!

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So beautiful
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Clean and chic to the ultimate level. Love the white canvas with cool blue an green accent. It's such a bliss to sleep in a relaxing and stylish bedroom.
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I am a very modern person I like to stick with the trends I need help deciding what quilt cover I must buy leopard print or just go with plain quilt cover and chevron cushions whats the trend now.
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