Tips for warm and cold sleepers

Q. Help, Style Clinic gurus!

My partner and I have a problem – he gets super hot while sleeping and I am always freezing cold! What do you suggest for incompatible sleeping temperatures?


A. The best solution for a hot sleeper and a cold sleeper in one bed is to sleep under a wool or cotton quilt. Natural fibres help by regulating body temperature, and wool also absorbs moisture. Mini Jumbuk has a fantastic range of Australian-made, machine washable wool quilts to help save your relationship from the hot/cold sleeper blues!

The temperature under feather and down quilts can change as you move around during the night, because the filling moves when you do. In contrast, wool provides an even spread of warmth across the bed, so there are no hot or cold spots. It is still quite lightweight, because there are pockets of air trapped within the fibres.

Wool is what’s known as a highly breathable and absorbent fabric. It responds to heat and moisture by drawing them into its fibres and releasing them out the other side. This evaporative effect removes moisture from the skin, so your bedding does not get damp. As a result, a wool duvet can keep a sleeper warm on cold nights and cool on warm nights.

Whether you’re a hot sleeper, warm sleeper or cold sleeper, you can rest easy! Our quilts are rated from warm, warmer and warmest, so you can be sure to find a quilt to suit your temperature level.

The Style Clinic team

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