Keeping soft and luxurious towels

Q. Hi Style Clinic gurus!

I have recently purchased your Pima Cotton Bath towels. They are incredibly soft and I was hoping you would be able to advise me the best way to care for these towels in order to keep them this soft and luxurious for the future. Look forward to your tips! Sarah

A. Hi Sarah, there is a lot you can do to keep these luxurious towels as soft as they were the day you first brought them home!

Firstly, stick to a warm, gentle machine wash, preferably in a front load washer. Use a good quality washing detergent with no bleach or optical brighteners, as these will degrade the colour of the towels. Ecofriendly or Adairs Aroma Wash for towels are good options because they do not contain damaging harsh chemicals. Note that another common cause of towel fading or bleaching is exposure to cleaning product when towels are left on freshly washed floors.

Contrary to what you might assume, it is NOT a good idea to use fabric softener on your towels. Fabric softener coats the yarn, which makes the towels less absorbent. If you’re really attached to using fabric softener, you can compromise by using it every three to four washes, which will help prevent the wax coating from building up.

Finally, if you have a tumble dryer, finish drying your towels off in it for the last five minutes of drying time. They will come out feeling soft and fluffy. Use a warm setting rather than high or hot, as the higher temperatures can cause the fibres to become brittle and may burn your towels. 

Following these simple tips will help you enjoy many years of super soft Pima towels!

Michelle @ Snap Laundromat's picture
Thanks for the post, such a common question at our laundromat! Mild detergent & no fabric softener for the best results, and it's also better for the environment. Michelle @
Dessyanaiwan's picture
Many people want to decorate their homes beautiful and take care of each and every part of it . Thank you for this beautiful tip that gives a good technique to keeping towels soft .
lynda's picture
what brand of bath room towels would you recommend as I am sick of buying towels that still leaves you feeling wet they just don't seem to dry you ? lynda
Adairs's picture

Hi Lynda, there is nothing worse than getting out of the shower and feeling like you can't dry off. We suggest the Pima Cotton or Bamboo Cotton towels. Both of these towels are super absorbent and incredibly soft and come in a great range of beautiful colours. Adairs 

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