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Q. Hi Style Clinic,

I’m not sleeping well and I’m worried it could be an allergy to dust mites. I’ve been told there are steps I can take that can help me sleep better? Suzy


A. Hi Suzy, dust mite allergy, skin allergies and asthma can definitely result in a poor night’s sleep. You might be surprised to know that dust mites are often to blame – and that you may share your bed with millions of these tiny critters!

Regularly cleaning bed linen should help you get a good night’s sleep because it will slow the build up of dead skin cells, which attract dust mites. Dust mites themselves will survive a cold or warm wash, but not a hot one of 55 degrees or more, so wash bedding weekly and the covers every two months in very hot water. It helps to have a second (and maybe third) set of sheets to make weekly rotation easier.

Regularly air quilts and pillows to prevent a long-term dust mite build up. You don’t have to wait for sunny weather – 10 or 15 minutes in a warm dryer will also do the trick.

If your bedding is getting a little tired, it might be time to replace it. As a guide, allow a 1-2 year lifespan for your pillows, 2 years for your underlays, 2-5 years for your quilts, and 5-10 years for your mattress. If you are updating, look for latex and wool products – these are great options for allergy sufferers. Remember to always follow the care instructions for your bed linen, too, as this will help it last for longer.

We also offer a range of mattress, pillow and quilt protecots. The Clear Sleep Mattress Protector and Pillow Protector feature a membrane that that provides a barrier between the dust mites and sleeper, thus minimising exposure to dust mite dander. They are machine washable and tumble dry safe.

You could also try the Aroma Clean Mattress protector spray. This biodegradable, eco-friendly spray contains robust essential oils designed to protect you while you sleep. Simply pump the aromatic mist several times over the entire surface of your pillows, mattress, underlay or mattress topper every linen change, and leave it to air dry for 15 minutes before redressing your bed and pillows.

We hope this helps!

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