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Hi Adairs,

My little girl is growing up so fast and is ready for a new bed! I was wondering if you could please tell me which products are suitable for a three-year-old moving into a single bed?  I have read a few articles about the transition but haven’t been able to find much information about which bedding suits best.

Thank you! Rachelle


Hi Rachelle,

What an exciting time for you and your little one! There are a range of products worth considering, from mattress protectors to quilt covers and a few other things besides!

Mattress Protector: We suggest using a product like the Protect A Bed Stainsafe Mattress Protector. It contains a breathable ‘Miracle Membrane’ barrier, which prevents bacteria, allergens and dust mites breeding in the mattress. A mattress is a long-term investment and a mattress protector will aid the longevity of that investment!

Sheets: We suggest using cotton sheets as opposed to non-natural fibres as they will offer a ‘cooler’ sleep. Children are generally warmer sleepers and can become unsettled if they overheat. Our ‘Mix It Up’ sheet separates feature a fantastic range of patterns and colours for both girls and boys and are made from breathable cotton.

Waterproof bedding: Brolly Sheets (straight from NZ) are placed on top of your bottom sheet; if an accident occurs, just whip off the Brolly Sheet and replace with another. No need to strip the entire bed and start again means more sleep for you!! Brolly Sheets are waterproof and absorbent and can hold up to 2 litres of liquid over an eight-hour period. We suggest purchasing two: one on the bed and a spare ready to go if need be.

Quilt: Jumbuk 4 Kids quilts are a great all-year-round quilt option.  Designed specifically for children,  accepted by the National Asthma Council of Australia and suitable for regular washing. Wool quilts help to regulate body temperature and disperse moisture for an uninterrupted sleep for your little ones – and you too!

Pillow: Again, these are designed by Mini Jumbuk especially for kids. These pillows feature a low profile design specifically for children and are accepted by the National Asthma Council of Australia. These pillows are suitable for regular washing.

Quilt cover: This is the fun part – your little girl can be involved in choosing something that she loves! We have a great range of fun colours and designs available on our Adairs Kids site; you are sure to find something that you both love!

We hope this helps, Rachelle, and we wish your little girl many happy dreams in her new bed!


Adairs Style Gurus  

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