Alternatives to Christmas Trees

Dear Style Clinic,

I need your help. I love Christmas and really want to fill our home with a festive, holiday feel – but I live in an impossibly small apartment and a bulky tree just isn’t an option for me! Can you please suggest some ways that I can get a holiday vibe happening in a small space?




Dear Jane,

Your problem is a common one – lots of people are looking for alternative ways to get a festive feel at home, whether its due to a lack of space, or they don’t want the hassle of a tree, or they just want to try something new! We have a few ideas to help solve this problem:

  1. Try something smaller.

If your problem is a lack of space, then opting for something smaller is key. Instead of having a traditional tree, why not opt for something that still radiates holiday cheer but doesn’t require a lot of room. Our Wire Bell Tree comes in two convenient sizes and works perfectly on a table, shelf or mantelpiece.

If you’re looking for something with a more traditional feel, our Burlap Christmas Tree comes in two sizes and is available in store!

  1. Try something modern.

Maybe you want to get a Christmas vibe happening but the traditional tree, wreaths and holly just aren’t your thing? Our cone tree lights have a festive yet modern feel and come in a variety of colours and sizes so you can create a look that suits you.  Or – for something really fun and unique – what about one of our fantastic deer heads strung with our silver mesh LED lights – it’s great holiday statement but take the lights away and you’ve got a great home décor addition to enjoy all year ‘round!  All products available instore – check our store locator for your nearest Adairs store

  1. Try something flat!

For something, different and the ultimate space saver – why not try a flat tree? We found this great option on Etsy, or you could try hanging a printed canvas version, as shown here by our friend Briar on her beautiful blog, Sunday Collector.

Best of luck on your Christmas mission! The Style Clinic Team.

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