Style with Bec - Getting your bedroom winter ready!

Winter nights and mornings are sure setting in, especially if you are from Melbourne!  When it comes to winter bedding there are some ways you can ensure you get a good nights sleep without layering the blankets and sleeping with two pairs of socks on. Ensuring that your bedding is right season-to-season is also a way to get a healthy sleep too! As the weather gets colder and the seasons change; annoying things like dreaded allergies kick in but there are special quilts and underlays to help.

Here is my winter bedding hit list to help you get the perfect nights sleep (and a healthier one too) this winter.


If you tend to get warm as you sleep (or what I call warm blooded) you are best to go for something lighter in terms of bedding like a wool and cotton blend. This is also a great idea when picking your PJ’s too! You will find your body will breathe easier and you won’t wake up with sweats. Here are some great options:


Wool bedding such as quilts and underlays are great for allergy suffers. The MiniJumbuk range from Adairs is a great Australian made option and is easy to care for. The range covers all types of sleepers and is made from Australian wool that actually regulates the individual sleeping temperature for an improved nights sleep. It is treated in Ultra Fresh for the effective control of dust mites and suitable for those with allergies and asthma.


The AllerZip range has a smooth polyester surface. It is ideal for serious dust mite allergies, accidental spills, perspiration and pets on beds and is waterproof yet breathable and is machine washable.


When it comes to winter decorating the key is to layer up the textures. I always put my down quilt on the bed. This is also a great decorating tool as it makes the bed look so fluffy and full! Try decorating with deep moody colours like navy and indigo and adding hints of metallic and timber for added warmth. When decorating make sure you layer up the textures like wool knits and faux fur to add softness and a cozy feel. Flannelette sheets and quilt covers are also the perfect winter warmer with soft, brush cotton for superior comfort and warmth.


1. Montana Fur Throw Striped Dear

2. Home Republic Lemongrass & Ginger

3. Home Republic Copper Aztec Geo Square

4. Grey Large Madrid Side Table

5. Ultimate Siberian Goose Down Quilt


  • Don’t forget to regularly air quilts and pillows as this will prevent long term bedding issues.
  • Keep a minimum of 2 sets of sheets on a 1-2 week rotation
  • Updating your bedding is key to a healthy sleep
  • Wash you linen in a eco friendly solution
  • Dry clean you doonas season to season (once a year per doona )


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