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What’s new: Madam Pompadour range

It’s a little bit pretty, and a little bit luxe… keep your eye out for the Madam Pompadour look, available for your bedroom now!

This trend has illustrious roots in mid-17th-century France, where an intelligent and enterprising Madame de Pompadour ruled the heart of King Louis XV… and the fashions of the day, leaving lasting legacies in the form of the Pompadour hairstyle, high heel, and classic pink or rose colour used in Sévres porcelain.

We’ve named our latest range in honour of the elegant Madam Pompadour, bringing you just what you need to achieve this classic look in your own home, with feminine shades of pink and grey, soft floral prints, feathers, linen, and lingerie-inspired looks.

Realise your inner royal with our regal Madam Pompadour line, featuring peacock feathers in sophisticated grey to add a sense of 17th-century style to any bedroom, or be a bedroom belle with our Sanchia line, where pink is all grown up courtesy of grey highlights.

Take a walk on the wild side with our sweet Woodland Whimsy line, or be a lady of leisure with our gorgeous Genevieve quilt cover by Mercer + Reid. Or keep it simple and combine grey and pink Vintage Washed linen for a look that’s prettier than a picture! 

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