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What’s new: Beauty Sleep by Sleep Lab

Imagine how good it would be if bed linen could nourish your skin while you slept. Oh wait, it can! In a world first, Beauty Sleep* bed linen by Sleep Lab keeps skin hydrated while you sleep – which means you really can get your beauty sleep, literally!

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, so it’s an understatement to say that looking after it is important. Our skin is like a shield that defends the body against attack from physical damage, infection – and dehydration. Moisture content, protective function, elasticity and cell renewal are all critical requirements for healthy skin.

So when researchers discovered that Tencel®, a fibre known for its excellent breathing properties, could be combined with Chitosan, a substance known for its ability to maintain moisture, its cell regulating properties, skin protection benefits and antibacterial effects, excitement was in the air!

Chitosan was already being used in the cosmetic industry. The substance hydrates by supplying water to the skin and creating a protective “bandage” over the skin, which encourages wound healing and expedites tissue regeneration. Because it is extracted from the shells of crustaceans, Chitosan is abundantly available and can replenish itself naturally.

It took many years of research and trails before the manufacturer succeeded in soaking a fibre in the Chitosan biopolymer and transferring it to large-scale production. But now – thanks to the work of dedicated research scientists – there’s a special technology that fixes the oceanic substance to the fibres so it can easily withstand up to 50 washes.

So now it’s even easier to combat stress, fatigue and ageing, with Beauty Sleep bed linen keeping skin smooth, hydrated and radiant while you rest. It certainly adds a whole new dimension to the old adage of getting a good night’s sleep!

Go behind the scenes at the Beauty Sleep Launch.

Beauty Sleep bed linen is available exclusively at Adairs.

*It is recommended individuals with an allergy to shellfish avoid this product.

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