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Think Thai island holiday, think Phuket, right? Wrong. Sure, Phuket has all the modern conveniences one could possibly desire (plastic surgery, anyone?) but the white sand and azure seas of Phuket’s beautiful beaches are to be found on many another Thai island. 

Take Ko Lanta, for example. This little series of islands off Krabi offers beautiful beaches with family friendly, quiet water, beach bars, kayaking, diving, and nature reserves. Or Ko Lipe, home to some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches – and that’s saying something – is the perfect private getaway if you want a little peace and quiet along with your patch of paradise. It’s a popular honeymoon destination.

Ko Samui is another popular honeymoon destination, but it’s great for families, too. Like Phuket this island is well appointed with all the modern conveniences that can make a family holiday easier – including children’s activities like go-carting, football and frisbee golf, aqua parks and more.

On the other hand, if you’re single, Ko Phi Phi offers more of a lively, party atmosphere with a touch of class, and activities such as diving, snorkelling, cliff jumping and dancing the night away.

If you’re really keen on diving, Ko Tao is one of the best places to learn how to scuba dive, with an abundance of dive shops offering certified courses (allow four days). Also popular with divers is the Similan Islands Marine Park, though this is only accessible from November to May and accommodation options are limited (many people day trip to the islands from Phuket or stay on a liveaboard boat). 

Less popular with snorkellers and divers, but a mecca for nature lovers is Ko Tarutao, one of the 51 islands that belong to the Tarutao National Marine Park. Here you’ll find sea turtles, whales, monitor lizards, macaques and mouse deer in spectacular surrounds including gorgeous beaches and waterfalls.

Nature lovers will also be at home on Ko Chang, located in the Ko Chang Marine Park. Here you’ll find coral reefs, rainforests, long white sandy beaches and wildlife including birds, snakes, deer and elephants. In fact, you can even swim with the elephants here, which makes for a unique holiday experience!

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