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Aloha! Chances are you know what this word means ‘hello’, but did you also know it means ‘kindness’, ‘love’ and ‘compassion’? These are values important to native Hawaiians, and no doubt to the thousands of visitors who fall in love with this beautiful island state.

We Loved The Finders Keepers Melbourne market.  Amazing up and coming designers and artists showcasing their art, homewares, fashion and jewellery.  We can't wait for the Spring/Summer market! 

Think Thai island holiday, think Phuket, right? Wrong. Sure, Phuket has all the modern conveniences one could possibly desire but the white sand and azure seas of Phuket’s beautiful beaches are to be found on many another Thai island.

‘Be consumed’ – the tagline for South Australia’s latest advertising campaign for the jewel in its tourism crown, the Barossa Valley, couldn’t be more appropriate.

Worn by water and time, the 1500km2 Litchfield National Park is home to stunning natural landscapes and spectacular waterfalls that have carved narrow gorges over thousands of years.

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