Lipstick/nail colour trends for summer

New trends… Matching lips and nails

This season sees a resurgence of a classic: matching lips and nails. Spearheading the trend is songstress Rihanna, whose recent collaboration with MAC resulted in a lip and nail holiday collection in brilliant red.

Matching looks set to remain in vogue well into 2014, with red – a la Rihanna – being a key colour. The key is to keep it matte, particularly for lips. Though many nail varnishes only come in gloss, a simple matte topcoat is all it will take to put you in front of the pack!

While red is the colour we can’t live without this season, so are red variations such as burgundy, berry, poppy and rose. Also strong for lips this season is hot pink or fuchsia, and, if Spring Fashion Week in New York was anything to go by, so is orange.

Colour experts Pantone would appear to agree – one of the Pantone colours for 2014 is Celosia Orange. This is a trend that’s been with us for a while, with Tangerine the Pantone colour for 2012.

Pantone’s colour for 2013, Emerald, has been a strong contender for nails, and elements of this trend look set to continue into 2014, too, with peacock colours such as emerald, dazzling blue, and charcoal dominating emerging 2014 nail and eye colour palettes.

TIP Coordination will be a key theme in 2014, so if you’d rather not match your lips and your nails, try matching your nails and your eye shadow instead – this is also on-trend.

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