Monochrome makeover with Erin Maxwell

Erin Maxwell from Love Shop Share recently embarked on a bedroom makeover for her Daughter Milla, creating a sophisticated look which Milla wouldn’t grow out of in the next few years while also speaking to Erin’s love of monochrome. Adairs was fortunate enough to get an exclusive look and inside scoop to the perfect relaxed monochrome makeover.



Adairs: What was your starting point with this bedroom makeover?

Erin: My aim was to create a space that was a sophisticated take on a girl’s room but also tied in my colour palette of Navy, Greys and Blush Pink. As it is a little girl’s room I knew I had certain elements to make hers but wanted it to represent my relaxed style – the end result was a more toned down variation of my space. I always style with my wardrobe and fashion as my guide - sticking to my style is key and then adding in Milla’s personality.



Adairs: Your colour scheme is quite monochrome – Most people find pairing grey, black, coal and navy’s together can be quite a challenge, how do you make all the darker tones work with one another?

Erin: All about texture. I love having darker more moody tones together and being clever with fabrications such as sheepskins and linens all mixed into one look. I find the key to making it all work is the addition of some white and even really light grey sheets or pillowcases just to balance all of the darker shades. I think it feels more organic not to have obvious colour pairings and all things matching.



Adairs: Do you feel wall art is important when creating a room? For you, how does it change the look and feel of a space?

Erin: I think it’s where the story is in the room. You can change the entire feel and style of the space depending on the art and posters. I have a fashion influence through my interiors and editorial and edgy imagery reflects that for me. In this case with Millas room having a grown up piece of art such as the Adairs Whirlwind Print in with her kid’s books and soft toys adds interest to the space without being obvious and too kid zone.



Adairs: Kid’s bedroom – what is your preference for the quilt and quilt cover sizing?

Erin: We have King Single beds and always have double quilts and covers on the beds. You need to go a size bigger in any size bed inc top sheets to get the layers right.


Adairs: The Adairs Ultra Soft Quilt cover is expected to be the next big thing in our bedlinen range, can you provide us with an insider scoop on its look and feel?

Erin: Exactly how it sounds, ultra soft! I loved the marle colouring which made it like linen is to style around due to its more relaxed feel.



Adairs: In your blog ‘Love shop share’ you mentioned the Adairs sheep skin is a personal favourite of yours, can you share with us why it is a must have?

Erin: It is a texture you can’t refuse. Faux fur throws are with this as well. As I style things whether it be my clothing or my home I use textures and tones together for layers and depth rather than patterns and bright colours. Sheep skin Throws offer a texture you won’t get from your bedding so it’s a new element that will add interest to any of your bedding options. It’s also versatile to have on a chair or even on the floor as well.


Adairs: Lastly – throws – do you often style a throw on the bed, or prefer to have them draped over a side chair, or bed banister?

Erin: Both! I have a few throws on the bed and a throw or a sheepskin on a chair in the corner.

They are the perfect way to add layers in the setting and with the additions of tassels and open knits you can move them around the room to change up your space quickly.



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