Get A Beachside Look

Beach house style

Get that holiday feeling with these top five tips for decorating your beachside home away from home.

1. It’s all about the view

If your beach house is lucky enough to have a view of the ocean, you’ll probably have already found ways to capitalise on this. If you haven’t, do so where you can! Angle couches toward the view (not just the TV!). Position cosy reading chairs by the window, so you can relax with a book and the landscape. If you can orient decking or outdoor areas towards the view, so much the better. 

2. Bring the outside in

This is the other important connection with the great outdoors – the physical. Shells, driftwood and starfish collected on beachcombing rambles can be positioned on the wall, on shelves, or even housed in glass bottles or jars (this not only looks orderly, it’s easier for dusting!). Bigger pieces of driftwood can contribute a sculptural feel. If you don’t have a view, think about showcasing artwork that features the sea, to serve as a prominent visual reminder of your proximity to the ocean. 

3. Paint it… white

Beach house interior colours schemes revolve around white, blue, and green. White is an excellent choice because it connects with the accents usually found at the seaside (sand, seafoam, shells) and it really sets you free when it comes to the rest of the decoration scheme, because it goes well with everything. Any old furniture that’s been rehomed at the beach house can be freshened up with a coat of paint, too!

4. Connect past and present

Because beach houses are often about families relaxing together, they can be an excellent place to celebrate the family’s shared history. Think walls covered with maps from trips, games and sporting equipment, family memorabilia and inherited items such as your grandmother’s wicker chairs. These elements add the eccentric, vintage charm and personality.  

5. The right stripes

No beach house is complete without stripes, be it the cushions, the bedlinen, the beach tea towels or even the deck chairs! The nautical stripe comes from the traditional French sailor uniform, and though it was orginially chosen because it stood out against the sea and thus enabled sailors who feel overboard to be quickly located, today we enjoy it for a very different reason – its timeless seaside style. 

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Whether you want to wind down or fuel your passion for water sports it’s time to take a beach holiday.
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