How to Style a Kids Bedroom with Emma O'Meara

Hi! I am so thrilled to be guest stylist this week for the most exciting collaboration in ages – Kip & Co for Home Republic!

Before we get cracking on how to style up these great Kip & Co for Home Republic prints in your kids’ bedroom, Ill tell you a little about me. I spent most of my career in advertising before leaving to raise my two small kids. Like lots of mums, it was only then when I had a break from my career that I realised how much I wanted to follow my own passion for interior design. My home was featured in Real Living shortly after and the response was so overwhelming that it gave me the push I needed to jump into styling professionally. I’ve worked on editorial interior shoots for magazines like Real Living, Inside Out, House and Garden and Home Beautiful but also understand how important it is for the look that you see on the cover of a magazine to be able to translate to the everyday. I am all about creating spaces that are liveable – and Kip & Co and Adairs are both great brands that help me achieve this.

I’ve got three big tips for styling your kids rooms this spring / summer:

  1.      Create a unique and functional space that is interesting and inviting to kids

The Kip & Co for Home Republic range is so great for kids because it gives a serious injection of colour and personality that is signature to the Kip & Co brand and is just so exciting and enticing for the little ones.

Encouraging kids to be creative is so important, particularly in the bedroom – that’s their little haven. I love the idea of a big chalk board wall where the inner artist can come out and play!! Its ideas like that, which are so simple and cost effective, that can make a real difference to the creativity of a space

I think its great to let the kids choose their own bedding – the reversible quilts in this range mean the kids can decide what print they want on top each night. You can also see here how we’ve mixed in some of the Home Republic linens and plain fitted sheets with the Kip & Co collaboration prints – so you can dial up or dial down how print heavy you want to go.

  1.      Use colour and contrast to make the space super fun and a happy place to be

Sometimes it can be tempting to go for a safe colour palette but when you’re in a kids room its so important to break the rules and let your imagination run wild….  Just like theirs.  A good way to do that is by using colour and contrast – resist the urge to make everything match and embrace colour pops. Obviously the bedding in this room is introducing a lot of interest and colour, but we’ve also introduced lots of other interesting textures and colours into the room.  Kids just love colour and pattern, I try not to get too serious about the way in which I put it together for the kids because ultimately you want to inspire there little minds and simply create a space they feel happy and uplifted.

  1.      Make bedding a centre piece of art

You really can’t underestimate how much of an impact bedding has on a room. It’s the centre-piece of a bedroom and one of the easiest ways to make a real impact on the overall look without painting walls and spending too much money.  Make sure you get nice big fluffy quilts and pillows too – you can see what a difference that makes in this photo, nothing sadder than a little flat pillow!

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