Colour Inspiration with Bauwerk Paints

Selecting the best paint colour combination for your walls can be one of the most difficult choices you make, but fortunately Adairs has been guided through the paint selection process with the help of Bauwerk Paints.

Bauwerk's aim is to create lime paints that are in harmony with nature, they have a natural finish and are created to work with and become a part of the home. Creative Director Bronwyn Riedel would describe the paint at Bauwerk as 'the perfect colours inspired by nature and wanderlust'.

Colour trends this winter are inspired by Northern European light, moody skies and landscapes of snow. If you were to create a mood board for colour trends in Winter it would be made up of cold climates, warm interiors, rugs and throws, hot drinks and everything that encapsulates a feeling of cosiness. There is also a trend towards warmer tones with shades of grey, earthy flax and barley mixed with mysterious blues and greens.

See below Bronwyn's insights into the inspiration behind each paint colour Adairs has used throughout our Autumn/Winter campaign.


This is our most loved colour at Bauwerk and our biggest seller. Inspired by Santorini - it's the perfect bright white that has a soft chalk finish, the very essence of limewash.



Inspired by the different kinds of cactai found in the Arizona desert. The soft silvery green colour will look good in any kind of interior and mixes well with both dark and light colours. 



The warm feeling that I associate with our travels in the Middle East, drinking spiced coffee and tea by the winter fire in a desert camp.



Inspired by the inky colour of the sky as the sun dissapears in winter.



Every year we have a family bonfire in a field after collecting branches and leaves - its the colour of rugs and throws that we huddle under as we wait to be warmed by the fire.



Inspiration was taken from wandering through forests and scouring through my grandfather’s books on plants.


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