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Celebrate in Style with Adairs and Chris Carroll from The Life Creative


Christmas is my favourite time of year because it allows us to become more daring with our home style, introducing decorative pieces we might not ordinarily utilise year-round. The festive season also lends itself to creativity; there are a million ways to adorn the table, decorate the tree, wrap gifts and style vignettes (side note: a Christmas Carol playlist never goes astray, either!).

Customising your own Christmas and creating a look that suits your lifestyle is the best part about Adairs’ current Chrissy range; there are oodles of decor gems in an array of colours and textures, so you can have fun curating your own festive collection.

Here are a few of my top style picks from the range and my tips on creating a Christmas look that rocks.

The Tree

I never like to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do with a tree, because there’s a very personal and emotional connection to this tradition. What I will say, though, is that metallics are trending at the moment, so if you’re after a look that feels contemporary, opt for some of Adairs baubles in beaded tinsel and daisy, or introduce some of their glass spiral baubles in metallic hues for a shape that feels traditional but a colour that really pops.

Personally, I’m a sucker for a blue and white Christmas look, so I love the frosty hues I’m seeing in-store at the moment. I’m also a bit of a bauble-and-lights-only guy, and have moved away from tinsel on the tree. The 3D Star Decorations in blue and silver trim are to-die-for and certainly add a bit of reflective pizazz to a setting!

I change up my gift wrapping colour story every year, but one thing you can bank on in my house; there’s always ribbon and gorgeous paper. A present is not a present without at least a bit of twine if you ask me.

Table Tops

I think the table is just as important as the tree at Christmas, so creating a festive tablescape is a must in my books. I’m all over the Christmas Star Napery because the pattern is gorgeously subtle and a definite winner if you’re after a colour story that doesn’t feel too literal.

My foolproof table top starts with a table runner. Lay it down the centre and then place decor at various heights along it. Introduce pieces like the Reindeer Tealight Holders or the Flexagon Star Taper Holder. The more varying heights you have in the decor on the table, the more interesting it’ll be for guests. It’s all about creating a visual story.

When it comes to individual place settings, keep layering in mind. Start with a place mat, then a plate, then a napkin, then a bowl, and so on. Layer hard and soft pieces to build the scene and create a sense of charm for each guest. A bauble in a bowl is a cute idea here too (it can be taken out when you’re ready to serve).



This is one of my favourite scenes to create because the decor won’t be moved like it might on a table top, so it’s a great opportunity to create some wow-factor.

Go grand on a sideboard or buffet with some Cone Trees with Lights. These are magical pieces that’ll bring a beautiful sense of whimsy to your space. Because they’re quite grand, pair them with smaller items like Santa Claus Snow Globes, Glitter Edge Standing Trees and an assortment of baubles and candles.

As with the table top, pieces at varying heights are important here. Don’t be afraid to play with texture either. Place a Standing Star beside a more rustic, burlap piece and benefit from the sense of warmth they’ll create together.

I always think a Christmas vignette needs a bit of nature in it, so consider a mini Christmas tree, flowers or even branches and pine cones you’ll find outside. Have fun experimenting with this area of your home because you don’t normally get to be so elaborate.

Whatever your colour scheme is and whatever your style preferences are this Christmas, use it as an opportunity to get creative and explore some ideas you might not have considered before. It might even encourage you to get more daring with decor once the silly season is over (and than can only ever be a good thing!).

Chris Carroll is the stylist and blogger behind The Life Creative

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