Adult guest room, stylist tips from Amber Lenette

Hi Adairs!

I am so excited to share some of my favourite styling tips for the guest bedroom, using the hot new Kip & Co for Home Republic range. I’ve been a stylist now for over ten years, and I’m passionate about all things interiors. I worked on the Kip & Co for Home Republic photo shoot which we shot in Hayley’s coastal home, one of Kip & Co’s gorgeous co-founders. The house has a natural sense of style but there are still a few great tips to try at home.

1. Ambience. 

The bedroom is a sanctuary. Make it reflect who you are and what you love, it can be a blank canvas ever changing with the seasons. You can see in this pic that we have stripped back the level of props and clutter to create a simple, strong bedroom narrative. You don’t need to over complicate the bedroom, particularly if you are going for bold prints like the Kip & Co for Home Republic range. The simple touches of a beautiful side table, a geometric rug and a statement light shade and your off! 


2 -Colour and texture.

Gone are the days of white sheets and white quilts.  I encourage all of my clients to have fun with colour and texture and create warmth with layers of cotton, linen, warm throws and luxury velvets. Kip & Co for Home Republic is a great place to start, the prints are intended to work back with each other - layering is encouraged so get creative with print on print.  Adairs has a comprehensive range of other textured pieces and beautiful linens to work back into the story.



3- Bring some of the outdoors indoors

Bring some life to your beautifully styled bedroom by adding some fresh cut blooms or a vibrant green plant. It sounds obvious but there is nothing that can lift a room as much as some fresh flowers. Get to know your local florist or start planting some of your own to reap the benefits. Good for the style and good for the soul!



4 Use great quality bedding 

You will notice such a difference to your bedroom when you introduce quality bed linen and bedding. The Kip & Co for Home Republic range is beautiful sateen cotton so its super soft and long lasting. Use fluffy cushions and doonas to do justice to your hot new bedding and ensure a great nights sleeps.


Our amazing Kip & Co for Home Republic Range can be viewed through the following link 

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