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We have launched our new summer seasonal collection 'Elements' with the help of bloggers Tara Dixon of No Cake for Breakfast (top) and Larissa Thorne of Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily (bottom) who were invited to design a room inspired by the new range. We chatted with the ladies after their styling session to get their take on the collection, and how they went about styling their room.



Adairs: How would you describe Adairs new Elements collection?

Tara: It’s quite a calm range. Lots of blues and soft tones.

Larissa: It reminded me of summers spent in the ocean. Deep blues and greens with textures like marble gave the whole collection a very cool vibe. I loved the inclusion of dusty pinks to add a bit of a surprise when pulling together looks.


Adairs: What is your favourite piece in the collection?

Tara: Good question, I’m a sucker for an occasional chair. The Copenhagen is incredible. The extensive range of cushions is amazing too.

Larissa: There were too many big loves for me - it was tricky trying to edit my picks! I loved the SoHo ladder shelf I used in the shoot and all the bed linen was great. Probably my favourite thing that I didn't use, was the Annika floor lamp. If I could have found a way to bring it in, I would have!


Adairs: When styling a room do you start with one key item which inspires the end result?

Tara: I try to choose a piece of art or a colour scheme that will go the distance. Neutrals are the way to go for me. Cushions and lamps can be changed easily whereas painting walls, changing bed heads etc. is a little more involved.

Larissa: I started with the bed linen and moved outwards from there – that is what inspired the darkly coloured wall and made pulling the look together easy. In my real life I'd probably work in the opposite direction, starting with a piece of furniture or a wall colour and pulling in pieces that would work with it. I'd make the things that are more permanent in the room my priority and choose the things that change (like the bed linens) to match those.


Adairs: Elements is one of our summer collections, how do you feel about throw rugs and using fur for summer styling?

Tara: I love incorporating all elements into a room. Furs and throws are great to layer and drape. They really make a room. I love to have my beds made every day of the year and in any season. After all, you never know who might pop around unannounced.

Larissa: I used a little bit of fur in my shoot which was surprising because I'm not a massive fur person in my everyday life, but I loved how the dusty pink furs added texture while also bringing out the touches of pink in the bed linen design.


Adairs: Cushions on the bed, how many is your preference? How have you gone about choosing the cushions you featured?

Tara: Surprisingly I only used one cushion for the shoot, I am a cushion addict, so this is new for me! The quilt cover really spoke for itself and had lots happening so the colours on the cover were the focus. In my own home it varies, we have 1-5 on each bed. They can bring a new element of texture and create an entirely different feel to a room, so they are featured heavily throughout.

Larissa: When it comes to my bed I prefer big fluffy pillows to decorative cushions because if you're not going to use it then what's the point? At the very least any cushion I buy must be comfortable if I'm considering it in my bedroom - so no sequins.


Adairs: There were a number of quilt covers to choose from, how did you make your decision?

Tara: I loved the colours featured in the Home Republic Mineral Quilt cover. Personally blues and pinks feature heavily throughout my own home and I wanted to create a room that could be easily replicated at home for others.

Larissa: I chose the Home Republic Tao Quilt Cover, because I liked the mixture of colours and textures. I knew it would allow me to have a bit more scope with my colour palette and would make the end product seem more cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. I also like how it had a lot of white space which allowed me to style the room a bit darker without feeling like the room was being weighed down.


Adairs: How did you go about deciding on the wall colour and flooring to complete your look?

Tara: After viewing the collection, I knew a bright feature wall really wasn’t going to work, so I choose a muted tone from the quilt. Duckegg blues can be hit-and-miss, but the end result was really beautiful. I kept the flooring simple as I didn’t want it to take precedence over the linen.

Larissa: I knew I wanted a darker wall - as this was acting as my dream bedroom it was a brilliant departure from my own white walls - and tried to pick a colour that was in the design of the bed linen so they would match, but not necessarily blend in. I knew I wanted to add pink accents and use grey as a base, so a dark teal colour helped to balance the room. I initially had different floorboards picked out that were a little more grey, but once I saw the wall colour I knew I wanted something a bit brighter to help the room feel warmer.


The Final Looks

Tara Dixon of No Cake for Breakfast - @taradixon_


Larissa Thorne of Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily - @ddgdaily


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