12 Days of Christmas Winners

12 Days of Christmas Winners

DAY ONE: M+R Akira Jacquard Quilt Cover  At Adairs HQ, we love a good night’s sleep and we bet you do to! What are your top tips for a great night’s sleep?

Krystal Dee To look and rest like an Adairs queen,
you require the most luxurious manchester ever seen.
A clear mind and quiet room,
is sleeping beauty's secret perfume.
A warm glass of milk settles the tummy,
add some milo, for extra yummy.
The right temperature helps a tonne,
thick curtains too to block morning sun.
If you love soothing scents,
lavender calms, not so tense.
A shower before bed,
prepares the body for the night ahead.
Soon you'll be dreaming,
muscles won't be screaming,
and you're mind healing.


DAY TWO : M+R Amazon Quilt Cover Set  We love getting inspiration from nature and around the world for our latest quilt cover designs. Tell us your favourite Natural Wonder of The World for your chance to WIN!

Hannah Brack The great barrier reef and all it's beauty, snorkelling there takes your breath away when you see the amount of life down there that you never knew about! We must protect this delicate natural wonder of the world that is so special to Australia.


DAY THREE: Adairs Kids Wall Art We love creating special spaces for the little ones? What are your top tips for keeping the kids rooms nice a tidy?

Nikki Parawahera My son loves to draw the outline of a story he has created then fill it in using amazing colours. Sometimes we use homemade paints to create different textures! Each painting has its own special story. (He has been doing this since he was 2)


DAY FOUR: European Beach Towels Who loves to travel? Tell us your dream holiday destination in Australia or abroad to win!

Livia DeMeio loved Cape Tribulation in far north queensland, you walk through beautiful green rainforest to emerge on a pristine white beach with beautiful blue water that stretches on for ages


DAY FIVE: Home Republic Bamboo Towel Range Do you have a top tip for drying your towels quickly? Share in the comments below for your chance to win!

Candice Needham Hanging them directly outside in front of the air con vent where the air coming out is as warm as a dryer and it's blowing directly onto them like a hair dryer but I don't have to do anything!


DAY SIX:  Mercer +Reid Cadiz Candles Tell us you favourite summer fragrance to fill & warm your home over the holiday season?

Rachel Kriss-Newell Springtime through to summer brings the gardenia flowers out in all their glory.As a child I remember Dad picking the flowers and presenting them to mum doing a sombrero dance. Our house was always filled with their divine scent. Summer isn't summer without gardenias.


DAY SEVEN: Home Republic Tripod tables Let’s kick it off with a holiday season classic –leave a comment telling us ‘your favourite summer salad for the BBQ season’. Good luck!

Shara Kemp I would love to see in RED which is perfect for Christmas and also during Valentines day so that anything with red makes it to look glam and beautiful


DAY EIGHT: Home Republic Sand Glass Mint  The sands of time…..tell us your quick tip for tidying up after a big Christmas with family and friends?

Kylie Embury Hi-ho, hi-ho I clean up as I go! I encourage the kids to as well. Wrapping paper in the recycling, dishes straight in the sink, leftovers straight into continers and into the fridge and freezer otherwise it's quite overwhelming at the end of a long tiring day ,and us Mum's deserve to enjoy the day too!


DAY NINE: Mercer + Reid Katar Salad servers in 3 colors Let’s kick it off with a holiday season classic –leave a comment telling us ‘your favourite summer salad for the BBQ season’. Good luck!

Lorna Nickels Spoonful of excitement, anticipation
Add sun, friendship, fun
Pour in generous portion Christmas spirit
Toss through love, laughter
Sprinkle the lot with a few nuts


DAY TEN: Mercer + Reid Chevron frames in yellow and Aqua What would be your ideal holiday destination to put a happy snap in one of these stylish frames?

Cecilia Warrick The North Pole! A Selfie with an Elfie wrapping toys,
Photo bombed by Santa Claus!
More than fifteen minutes fame,
A priceless Christmas photo framed!


DAY ELEVEN: Hotel Royale Velour Bathrobe Tell us your favourite relaxing activity on boxing day? Is it chilling out on the couch in your beautiful bath robe ;) ?

Sally McElhenny Boxing Day = Pajama day! Lounging around with the family, eating leftover plum pudding for breakfast and maybe watching a movie or reading a book! Bliss!


DAY TWELVE: Home Republic Text Pillowcases Tell us what text you'd like to see on our new range of Text Pillowcases for your chance to win.

Narelle Stephensen Happy Wife, Happy Life

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