Embrace your inner child with this kids bedroom revamp

Revamping a kids’ bedroom can be a time to release your inner child as you transform their room into something magical. Interior stylist Nicole Rosenberg from Little Liberty knows this all too well styling children’s rooms for a living. Nicole recently took on the challenge of revamping her daughter Millie’s bedroom and we have been given the insider scoop on the do’s and don’ts to styling children’s spaces.



What are the absolute essentials when styling a kids bedroom?

The first essential is to inject the personality of that child into the room! I love meeting my clients and talking about what they are passionate about what their favourite colours are and how they usually use their room. My three key essentials for kid’s bedrooms are …

1. Bedding and Soft Furnishings!

I love using good quality bed linen - Bedding is something that is going to be on your child’s skin so I don’t like to skimp here! I love using the Adairs kids bed linen as it’s 100% cotton, washes really well and seems to last the distance! I always recommend a Quilt that can be used all year round and the Adairs Downtime Supreme Quilt is the perfect one consisting of 50% goose down and 50% feather. The finishing touches on the top of the bed are also an important part of the room and we love frosting the bed with the Adairs super cute kids cushion range for an added touch of fun!

2. Colour!

I love injecting pops of colour into kids’ spaces – it seems like you can definitely get away with more colour and take more risks with kids’ rooms rather than adult spaces! We usually like to keep to 3 colours in each room to give the room a cohesive coordinated feel. To make choosing colours easier Adairs have ‘collections’ where you can purchase items (including linen, cushions, rugs, accessories and lamps) that all fit together making this process easier for a first time decorator!

3. Storage

We always like to focus on concealed storage, for things you want your kids to put away, along with open shelves to display decorative items that add personality to the room. We always find great storage solutions at Adairs kids which range from storage baskets that can be kept out or under the bed along with colourful wall mounted shelves.



How did you decide on the tone of colour for this room?

My daughter Millie is growing up (sadly) and she wanted less pink and more muted tones as she is heading into the ‘tween’ years! We chose to go with more of a monotone wallpaper and then layered the room with softer blue tones with only hints of pink! One of my favourite neutral calming tones to use in kids spaces is grey and I feel like this always adds a contemporary touch to the room.

Did you draw your inspiration from one key item?

We knew we wanted to have a monotone backdrop of black and white and so we selected the Watermelon Seed wallpaper so we could have a fairly simple backdrop to the space and then be able to inject colour into the space with soft furnishings and art.

You’re not afraid to use wall paper in your rooms. How does wall paper impact the overall look and feel of your spaces?

We love wallpaper! Wallpaper brings life, personality and warmth to a space! A good tip to remember when selecting wallpaper is that if you are going for a simple wallpaper you can be a little more daring with your room colours and soft furnishings, Whereas if you have selected a really busy colourful bold wallpaper make the rest of the room more simple and serene.



There are splashes of gold throughout your bedroom do you find it difficult to pair metallic finishes with colour?

My daughter loves gold and glitter and so wanted hints of this in her room! Adding metallic into a kids space can sometimes be tricky without it look tacky – I think the key here is to pair it with soft and pastel tones – here I have used greys and pastel pink. I think it’s a nice combination that we are both happy with!

You have used a range of different pillows and cushions, how did you successfully make these all tie in together?

Selecting pillows is the best part of dressing a bed! I’ve used a selection here from both the Adairs and Adairs Kids ranges to tie in all the elements of the room. It was so easy to choose the pillows in store as everything is displayed front facing so that you can see which colours you want! I always like to throw a bunch of pillows on the floor and make sure they visually work together before purchasing!



Can you offer any tips for our readers out there who are thinking about revamping their kids’ room?

1. Stick to the ‘3 colour palette’ rule throughout the entire rooms gives the room a cohesive look

2. Not cramming too much into the space! Don’t clog the room up with unnecessary clutter! Your kids’ bedroom should be a calm retreat where they sleep and dream! It’s also easier for your kids to take responsibility of their own space if it’s organised and easier for them to clean it themselves.

3. Concealed storage is a must! Children have too many knick knacks and soft toys so you really need a solution for these to be put away at the end of the day out one eye sight!


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