Sunshine Yellow

The Edit: Hello, yellow!

A popular catwalk and red carpet colour in recent months, sunshine yellow has now taken up residence as the latest home colour trend. Now you can have your day in the sun – inside and out!

1. Kelsey Quilt Cover

The ultimate injection of sunshine yellow… brighten your bedroom with this elegant quilt by Home Republic.

2. Cadiz Quilt Cover

You can’t go wrong with yellow, white and blue – it’s a classic French colour combination, modernised here by muted pastel tones in this gorgeous diamond-quilted cover by Mercer + Reid.

3. Santona Throw

Exude bright, breezy confidence with this high-quality cotton knitted throw by Home Republic in eye-popping Super Lemon.

4. Hatched Cushion

The great thing about yellow is it’s easy to incorporate into existing colour schemes as it goes well with many other colours – take these Hatched cushions, for example.

5. Baroque Frame Yellow

Old-world glamour meets modern sunshine yellow in this dramatic photo frame by Home Republic.

6. Bamboo Dinner Range

Complete your sunny new look with this stylish dinner range, perfect for entertaining in the sunshine!

TIP Yellow works beautifully with black and white, so if you’ve fallen for the monochrome look, this is the perfect highlight colour for you!

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